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Experience the Magic: A Review of Jack and the Beanstalk at Empire Consett

Ad - We were kindly invited along to Empire Consett to see Jack and the beanstalk come to life.

Fee Fi Fo Fum Beware of Giant Grumble Bum! If you make a loud noise he may just jump down the beanstalk and gobble you up for dinner.... EEEEK.

Leah Bell has yet again delivered an amazing show. Leah and the rest of the amazing cast are back to transport you into the story of Jack and the beanstalk and you just get sucked into the show from the start. The show is fantastic from the start and I love the cast. It was great to see everyone in the audience get involved with the show and the kids were all loving it too.

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The show starts off introducing you to the villagers and tells the story of Jack and the beanstalk. It also includes a growing beanstalk, a Giant, a villain, a hero, a talking, singing cow called Big Mac (Yes really) and even a goose laying golden eggs! Visitors have stopped visiting the camp site and money is running out, if only they could find a few bags of gold..........

The set was lovely, bright and colourful and the details in the displays were really good too. Jack was our favourite character he just had so much energy and looked like an explosion in a paint factory, which just made you love him even more.

There are lots of songs to enjoy and they're all pretty modern ones so everyone can join in, even the little ones. The kids and adults all loved the glow in the dark dance. Such a great fun idea.

What to expect

⭐Lots of singing

⭐Lots of dancing

⭐Quite a lot of opportunities to join in


⭐Dazzling costumes



⭐Plenty of opportunities to shout"Rock on Tommy!" at Tommy Cannon. (Those of os of a certain age should get that reference.)

⭐Expect to get wet (just a tad) (even if you are sitting in the circle, there's no escape)

and an endless amount of laughter.

We always enjoy a good family panto and this show did not disappoint! What a way to start our panto season. Well done to everyone involved.

⭐Run Time is 2hours & 30 minutes including interval

⭐Please note the show contains strobe lighting

⭐Tickets - General - £17 or Family £56

⭐The show is on until 31st December

⭐You can book your tickets HERE

⭐⭐Cast includes ⭐⭐

Leah Bell - Dame Tilly Trotter

Tommy Cannon - Lord Mayor Tommy Tomato

Crissy Rock - Cowella Daville

Jason Jones - Big Mac The Cow

Gareth Arthurs - Forest Ranger Sydney Sprout

Andy Powell - Forest Ranger Holly Bush

D-ZED - Jack

Kas Oneil - Prince Harold

Jonny Larman - Robin Hood

Tia Dodds - Fairy Treetops

And more.

A bit about the theatre

The theatre is deceiving and is a lot bigger inside than it looks. It didnt feel cramped and there was plenty of leg room. Theres a bar serving alcoholic and non alcoholic drinks and snacks. The bar area is a little small and did start to get a bit cramped when more people arrived so I would get there early if you want to sit and have a drink before the show.

Theres also a little stand with lights and a signed book.

We couldnt find any programmes anywhere which would have been nice

We did take our own sweets and drinks in


You can find Disabled bays right outside of the theatre,all down the street and across the road. For other parking you can park for free in the car park on Albert Road which is a 2 minute walk.

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