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About Me

Well hello there and welcome to my creative space


Hi I'm Kelly. A freelance content creator, editor and author.

 Mum to three boys and

wife to a marketing wizard.

Lover of food, travel and making memories with my tribe.

Bit of a geek most of the time.

 North East Family Adventures started out as an online scrapbook and has evolved into a popular destination for families across the North East looking for ideas to entertain there own tribe. 

My little spot on the internet is to share ideas for days out, things to do, travel, holiday stays, recipes and lots more.

Writing has always been a big passion of mine and 

starting the blog has allowed me to fit work around my family life. I am even in the middle of writing 3 books! 

The Boys

 Adam is our first born who is now 18 (2024) years old he is well and truly into the teen phase of life and loves nothing more than Mounting Biking, sports, Lego, Comics.. you know typical boy things. .

Toby is 16 (2024) and is our joker. He loves to make people laugh.

Also Lego obsessed, Wrestling addict and really loves a good book.

Elliot is our baby, our last born who is now 12 (2024), he is my shadow! Follows me wherever I go, and honestly I love it! Always thinking up ways to help others.

 Again Lego Obsessed who loves the Gruffalo or anything Julia Donaldson related actually.

The Pets

We also have two dogs, Summer (11) she is our Romanian rescue collie cross. And Iris (6) Border Collie Idiot, frequently referred to as the Cauliflower. 

We also have Albert Einstein the lionhead/lop rabbit and Toby has two rats Dustin and Eddie 

A little bit more

We currently live in Sunderland and cover all of the North East up to Edinburgh and down to Hull.

We are very much a history seeking, book addicted, on the go, outdoorsy family.  Nature plays a big part in our lives and we incorporate nature into our home education. 

We absolutely love to be outside under the stars.

Although a good snuggle, a mug of hot chocolate and a great movie is always a plus in this house.


 A firm believer that you should get the kids cooking. Look out for my family friendly recipes the kids can help with.



               What's North East Family Adventures all about?

  North East Family Adventures is all about our adventures across the North East and beyond. We will be sharing our reviews, ideas for days out, family friendly restaurants, pet related posts, recipes and lots more. Get in touch to find out how we can help you reach thousands of North East based Families. 

      I hope you Enjoy our adventures.

     Kelly xx 

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