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A Christmas movie countdown guide. Kids Edition

We love nothing more than settling down and watching a festive movie, I am super excited that the festive season is now here. I always think that tv is generally better this time of the year, new tv shows, some of our favourites make a return, old Christmas episodes and you occasionally get a new Christmas movie too, although I am more than happy to watch old festive movies too. 🎅🎄

I have asked the boys for input in this post as after all it is a guide for kids festive movies (Check out my Guide to Hallmark Christmas Movies HERE)

🎄Home Alone franchise - Elliot is obsessed with Home Alone, it has always been a favourite in our house, I prefer the first movie. Which do you prefer?

🎅Jingle All The Way Franchise - I actually love both movies. (First one is my favourite though) This year we managed to get our hands on a Turbo Man Figure for Elliot!

🎄Deck the Halls - Is a movie we always seem to watch during the festive season. It is just not Christmas without Danny DeVito.

🎅I'll be home for Christmas - (Johnathan Taylor Thomas edition) This is one that some might not say is a kids movie but I have added it as all three love this one.

🎄The Grinch (Original Jim Carey Edition) - I don't think Christmas would be the same if we didn't watch the Grinch.

🎅Santa Clause Trilogy - We really enjoy watching these, it has become a bit of a tradition.

🎄The Christmas Chronicles Franchise - A new edition to our traditions, Netflix really did create something fantastic. I was hoping there was a third one this year but that is not looking likely.

🎅Elf - All three boys choose this one, we absolutely love Elf and watch it throughout the year if I am honest, we always laugh at it and that in my opinion is what makes a great movie. Can you believe how much money Will Farrell turned down to make the second movie?? ($29 million) Yes really! I don't think we need a second one though, the first one does the job.

🎄Nightmare Before Christmas - My favourite growing up, which then ended up being the boys favourite. We love that you can watch it at Halloween or Christmas (any any time of the year) In fact it was one of the first movies Craig and I watched when we got together (Halloween time)

🎅A Muppets Christmas Carol, I really debated this one because I quite like the newer version with Jim Carey, however we always watch the Muppet version and has been part of Craig's traditions, so It was only fair to add the muppet version.

🎄Klaus - Elliot really likes this one (You can find it on Netflix)

🎅Arthur Christmas - Another one that has become a tradition in our house, it is such a lovely heart warming movie.

🎄Nativity Franchise - I will be honest, the kids love this franchise, Craig and I think it is so annoying. You always end up with that hey dude, where's my Donkey song stuck in your head.

🎅Miracle on 34th street - A proper Christmas Movie, a well loved traditional movie.

🎄Jack Frost - A much loved movie, Toby's Choice.

🎅National Lampoons Christmas Vacation - Is it even Christmas without this movie?

🎄Christmas With The Kranks - Another that we just love to watch.

🎅The Snowman/The Snowdog - Part of our Christmas Eve Tradition We are heading along to see the Snowman live this year!

🎄The Polar Express - Another of Elliot's choices, however we all love watching it. I don't think I could ever imagine a Christmas when we don't watch it.

🎅Shrek The Halls - I have been totally obsessed with Shrek since it came out in 2001 and have loved the franchise ever since. It is just fab.

🎄A Charlie Brown Christmas - Love a bit of Snoopy in this house.

Those are the ones we LOVE to watch, however there are some others that you could give a go: 🎅🎄

🎅Olive, the other reindeer

🎄Merry Madagascar

🎅Charlie and Lola, how many more minutes until Christmas

🎄Curios George, A very Monkey Christmas

🎅Mickeys Once Upon A Christmas

🎄Mickeys Twice upon A Christmas

🎅Ice Age A Mammoth Christmas

🎄Beauty and the Beast An Enchanted Christmas


🎄Santa Buddies

🎅Jingle Jangle (Disney+)

NEW RELEASES FOR 2021 Confirmed so far


Home Sweet Home Alone - Another edition to the Home Alone family. Released 12th November


The Claus Family - Nov 1st

Father Christmas is back - Nov 7th

A Boy Called Christmas - Nov 24th

Elves - Nov 28th

Shaun the Sheep, The Flight Before Christmas - Dec 3rd. (This years Fenwick window theme)

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