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Santa's Pre-Christmas Test Flights - Dates, Times & Where to Look.

Kids questioning the existence of Santa?

Take them outside and show them his pre-Christmas practice flights.

(It's the International Space Station and will be moving pretty quickly, but is usually easy to spot.)

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What is it?

We came up with this idea a couple of years ago, completely by chance. We were doing a spot of stargazing just before Christmas and happened to spot the space station. At this point, Elliot was 9 and starting to ask questions so, without even thinking, Craig told him it was Santa. When Elliot asked why he was a few weeks early, he covered for this by telling him it was a test flight.

Where do I need to look?

This will always appear in the West/South West and move towards the East, moving at around 17,500 mph. You should be looking for a bright white light, similar to a star, but moving very quickly. Also, if it's cloudy, it will not be visible.

These timings are based on sightings from Newcastle and may vary slightly for other areas.

Dates & times for 19 - 23 December 2023

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