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Christmas Light Switch on dates North East 2023

We are well on the way to all the festivities beginning, there are loads I want to do this year and some of those things are attending some Christmas light switch on events. We love everything about the festive season from the lights and trees to the endless hot chocolates. I will be adding more to this list once I have more info. So do please keep checking back. To find out more about the events listed please click on the BLUE link

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This guide has been updated for 2023, I am still waiting to hear back from some events so please do save this post to come back too.

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Greys Monument

14th November

Keel Square

16th November

Market square

18th November


Market Square

18th November


19th November

Town Centre

19th November


23rd November

Stockton High Street

23rd November

25th November

25th November

Town Centre

25th November

High Street

26th November

29th November

Green Triangle

30th November

Church Square

1st December

Community Centre

2nd December

Market Place

2nd Dec

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Don't forget places like shopping centres who all have Christmas lights, places like English Heritage and National Trust decorate some of the properties for the festive season My favourite is Wallington Hall also Blackpool Illuminations are amazing, however be prepared to make a donation.

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