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Our Favourite things to do indoors on rainy days

Oh the weather outside is.. well its frightful right now. It is raining again,something we don't actually mind.

The boys like the rain because that means other creepy crawlies that would usually hide away when it is warm and dry, come out to play. Although we also like to stay in on a rainy day too.

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There is only so much you can do in the house when it's a rainy day and the boys get bored easily if they end up staying in the house for a long period of time, so what do we like to get up to?

What we like to get up to indoors when it is raining

Board Games - We have so many board games so why not make use of them.

Art supplies - We currently have 3 full cupboards packed with art supplies so we love to get crafty. Read about why I love Crafting HERE

Baking - It is no secret that we love to cook and bake together. On today's menu, Chocolate cupcakes! Recipe HERE

Set up a home Cinema - A bit of popcorn and a few sweets you can set up a little home cinema

Build a fort - The boys like to move stuff around in our Dining room and make a blanket fort with the chairs and bedding. They sit in it for hours.

Read - Rainy days are perfect for reading together.

Lego challenge - The boys seem to enjoy having little challenges set up to see who can make the best car, building, rocket etc

Indoor Treasure hunt - So simple, but keeps them busy for a while. Make a list of some things in the house and send them off to find them, set up clues and get them to work out the answer to find the golden coins (chocolate)

Indoor Picnic - You can combine a teddy bears picnic with watching your favourite movie. Check out our favourite North East picnic spots HERE

Science experiments - You will more than likely have things like baking soda, vinegar and maybe balloons in the house therefore you will have the ingredients to some great experiments. Read about our BFG dream potion HERE

Make Slime - The boys love slime! Check out our recipe HERE

Play the floor is lava - Elliot is always trying to get the other two to play this.

Bottle bowling - If you have a few empty pop bottles lying in your recycling bin, then you could set up a mini bowling alley. We just use a tennis ball.

Recycled materials and make something - We have a big tub in the kitchen full of stuff to be recycled, however you can easily make some great things with whatever you have lying around and a little imagination.

Shadow Puppets/Art - We love to do a bit of shadow art and making shadow puppets, try creating a story from shadow puppets.

Make music with Pots and pans - Perfect for smaller kiddies to make a bit of noise

Paper planes and boats - Sink or float challenge.



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