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How to make awesome slime that smells divine.

Slime, where do I even start. I hate it but love it. I have found it in the carpet, my hair, in one of the boys beds and even in Elliots sock before over the years. However even though it is a pain in the backside it is also somewhat therapeutic and keeps kids entertained for hours.

I know when we have made it the boys play with it for hours making silly fart noises, swinging it around (probably how it got in my hair) and just sitting messing with it. It is almost like a stress reliever like those stress balls you can get.

When you make it yourself you can get really creative with it, you can add beads, balls, glitter and even toys for the kids to "dig" out ( great with mini dinosaurs). You can even add certain scents to it to make it smell absolutely divine or absolutely revolting. whichever floats your boat really. The other reason the boys love to make there own is they get to choose which colour to do it and quite often they make a glow in the dark slime.

So... How to make a basic slime.

Ingredients (The one we use)

100ml PVA Glue (School glue)

1/2 tsp Bicarbonate of soda

Food colouring (your choice)

Squirt of contact lense solution ( usually 1 tsp )


Grab a bowl and pour in the glue. You can get glue in 100ml bottles but if you have a larger bottle you will have to weigh the glue. Then mix in the Bicarb, stir really really really well and add in your chosen colours and a few drops of essentials oils (lavender smells amazing) and your contact solution.

You will need to give it a really good mix then you will see the texture change pretty quickly.

Take the slime out of the bowl and knead until pliable,you can now add in things like glitter, beads and other textures, just make sure you mix really well. Fold the slime until your textures are mixed thoroughly.

Store in an airtight container ( your tupperware collection was made for this)!

That's it! Super easy. We have tried a few different slimes and we did a fluorescent glow in the dark slime but we used a little paint instead of food colouring and it did work but didn't last as long.



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