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19 spots in the North East for a picnic

Updated: Apr 14, 2023

We absolutely love going on a good family picnic. Our locations can differ quite a lot, from a beach picnic to a woodland picnic either way we love to picnic. Let me know your favourite spot and I may just add it to this post.

Cox Green / James steel park

Plenty of places to stop and have a picnic here, you can even find some pretty hidden areas and have a nice private picnic. No toilets here but you can go into the village and use those ones.

Herrington park

One of Sunderland's biggest open spaces, plenty of places to have a picnic, I would suggest you go further than the main lake, much quieter. Toilets in the main car park.

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Druridge bay

Take your pick! Stop at one of the numerous picnic benches in the country park or you can head down to the beautiful beach. Toilets at the main car park.

Seaham hall beach

Gorgeous for a late evening picnic, you might even find some seaglass too. Toilets in the main car park along with a little cafe that does amazing Ice cream.


We love Cragside and have been many, many times, we have had a picnic near the lake, in the woods or you can sit at one of the benches. Toilets in various locations. (Entry fee applies, free entry for National Trust members.)

Tunstall reservoir

Beautiful place to visit, you can sit in various spots here but there are no toilets. We like to walk quite a bit over the dam and head up to the top of the hill.

Preston park

The boys used to love going to the butterfly house and then have a walk around the museum, the cafe is fantastic but there is plenty of space outside to enjoy a nice picnic. Toilets in the museum. (Small entry charge for museum)

Fancy a woodland picnic? Sit between the trees, a picnic bench or down by the stream. Toilets located in the parking areas

Kielder forest

We like to visit the reservoir and picnic. It's so nice especially when it hot outside with the breeze from the water. Toilets at various points throughout Kielder. Pick up a map or snap a picture on your phone so you have one with you.

Souter lighthouse

Have you seen the view from this place? One of our local attractions, for picnics. You can either sit at one of the benches, on the grass or you can explore the nature reserve and find somewhere you like the look of. Toilets in the lighthouse. (Entry fee applies, but free for National Trust members.)

Beadnell bay

A beautiful Northumberland beach, perfect for a picnic with the kiddies. Toilets in the beadnell car park

You can stop at a few different spots and enjoy a picnic here, there's benches to sit on if you can't get to the floor. Or choose somewhere to sit on a blanket and enjoy the wonderful world of nature around you. Toilets in the visitors centre

Hardwick park

A gorgeous place for picnics and interacting with bird life. You can enjoy some great woodland trails too. Toilets available

Derwent reservoir

On of our favourites, now has a playpark and toilets with lots of picnic spots to choose from. Sometimes have a portaloo available but toilets in the main parking area.

Durham University Botanic gardens

With mature gorgeous woodland and a wide variety of landscape to explore. Toilets on site.

Belsay Hall,Castle & Gardens

Belsay is one of our favourites to visit. You can choose to picnic in a few different locations here I love to take a walk through the garden and then head up to the castle for a picnic. Toilets in the main car park. (Entry fee applies, free entry for English Heritage members.)

Gibside NT

If you are looking for space then you will find it here, so many fantastic spots to throw a blanket down and have a picnic. If it is a busy day I recommend heading further out of the main areas such as the walled garden. Toilets & Cafe located near the walled garden. (Entry fee applies, fee entry for National Trust members.)

Where do you like to picnic with your family? Let me know

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