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Fun easy Science experiment: The BFG Dream Potion.

Fun easy Science experiment, The BFG Dream Potion experiment is so much fun, the boys loved doing this and played with the mix for a while after too. What I love about it is the colours you get at the end. It’s like looking into another galaxy, a magical one.

It is just a fun science experiment to do with the kiddies. Elliot really enjoyed this one.

You don’t need to spend too much to do this simple BFG Dream Potion experiment either which means it is not expensive to do! I would say that is a win win situation especially if you already have most of the ingredients anyway.

What you need

* Half a red cabbage boiled until the colour comes out I just left it for around 30 mins on a low heat

* Vinegar (I used white malt) A small beaker full which is around 5 tsp

*Glitter as much as you like

*Washing up liquid 4 squirts

*Bicarbonate of Soda 2/3 tsp

*A glass jar – We just used some empty clean sauce jars.

*A large bowl to catch it all in as it is messy.

How to do it

Cut up half a red cabbage and then place it into a large pan and boil until the colour comes out (We want that deep purple water) I let it boil on a low heat for 30 min.

Make sure you have some empty clean glass jars ready so that when the cabbage has cooled down, strain making sure you collect the water discard of the cabbage and let the water cool.

Once the cabbage water has cooled, carefully half fill the glass jars with the cabbage water, add some glitter and the washing up liquid.

Place your jar into a large bowl as it will be messy, or you could do it in the sink.

Now you need to add the Bicarbonate of Soda , carefully add in the vinegar and watch it explode. You can try adding in the vinegar first and see how that works, We found adding the bicarb first made the bigger explosion.

The Science Bit

The Cabbage water is a PH Indicator, the vinegar is the Acid and the Bicarbonate Of Soda the alkaline. When you add them all together they react by changing colour.

Why not try some different ingredients and see what happens. We usually mark everything down in our Science notebooks so we keep track. We would love to know if you have tried this experiment and what happened? Did you try different ingredients? Maybe it was different colours. I bet if you did pinks and violets it would look like a Unicorn's dream!



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