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Our April Plans plus some April dates for the diary.

Dare I say, we might be allowed to venture a bit further by the time you read this post. (I am writing this one 19/03)

It has been a slog, a long hard winter and start to the year. We have seen another lockdown and not much of our families. We have barely gone anywhere and by this time of the year we are usually well on the way to ticking of some fantastic adventures. So far we have had 3 birthdays in Lockdown 2021, so we certainly don't want any more.

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I honestly can't wait to get back to some of our favourite spots across the UK, although we will still be cautious and sensible. We wont be heading anywhere that is bursting busy, I don't feel like we know enough of the vaccination and Covid in general to make assumptions that we may be out of the woods just yet. We will be staycationing in the UK this year and having a few weekends away, as long as we are allowed that is.

I feel like we need to go be Scottish again for a while as it has been so long since we were last there. I feel like we should have a Yorkshire adventure too as it is one of our favourite places to be in the country. I also feel like we need to adventure somewhere way down like Cornwall and just let loose for a while.

I am pleased to report the warmer weather seems to be making itself known. I usually prefer the cooler months, but I have to say I am looking forward to the warmer months this year. Summer always makes people more happy and the longer daylight means we can have a bit more fun outdoors.

So what is going on this month then?


I have to say, Craig wont like this but it is his 40th birthday this month. Unfortunately because of the restrictions still in place we cant do something massive but we will be making his day a bit special, I wont say how because he reads these before I publish! I don't think turning 40 should be something to be mad about, it can't be that bad is it? (I'm only 33 so I have a while to find out!)

Adam - Adam has finally started back at college again and couldn't wait to physically see his friend's again. He has now taken on an extra day at college doing a History GCSE and a Business Studies Btec, so far so good. He joined the Police Cadets last moth and next week (24/03) he will be meeting everyone in person as they can now start up their meets again. I think it is great they can start getting back to normality with some things.

Toby - Toby had his 13th birthday last month and has well and truly hit that moody stroppy teenager phase. He has been enjoying his WW2 Subject. Toby is really looking forward to getting back out there on his bike and back to some of his clubs such as scouts and Climbing wall.

Elliot - Elliot has been learning all about the human body and is taking a real interest in it. He has always said that he wants to be a Doctor and, if I am honest, I think he might just make it! Elliot has been looking into ways to get more involved with helping our community and exactly a year ago he decided to use his pocket to buy loads of food for the food bank because he just loves to help people.

We have been watching the Simon Reeve documentaries and the boys have taken a real interest in the work that he does and feel very inspired. We try to do our part but I think we will up our game this year. (You can find the documentaries on BBC iPlayer) The boys really enjoy watching documentaries but found the Simon reeve collection truly fascinating.

On top of the topics the boys have been doing we have been sketching outdoors, it is so nice to be able to do this now that the weather is starting to shift. Although we did go for a really wet forest walk and it was super refreshing.

We are really hoping to be able to spend more time outdoors this month and get involved in some conservation projects such as the Hedgehog campaign and clearing litter in our local areas.

In The Garden

So, this is the thing. Last year I grew so many tomato plants I could have give one to every person in Sunderland (or that's how it felt) and still had too many left. So this year I have decided to just grow a few and a few other things such as Chillies and I might try my hand a bit of Rhubarb. I don't want to go mad and grow all sorts as we have big plans for the outside space this year. I think I will pop up some bright colourful Bee friendly hanging baskets and a few pots dotted about, that way I can just pick up and move them when I need to.

I am overjoyed that I have been able to enjoy some of the spring beauties locally such as the Snowdrops, Bluebells and Crocus and I have had a slight whiff of Garlic too. This time of the year is just magnificent for new life.

Getting out and about

This month we are planning on travelling a little outside of our local area, if restrictions allow but we will still be keeping an eye on stuff and staying mostly local. I am quite looking forward to getting to some forests a bit further out and to some of our favourite North Yorkshire walks. I think the best approach will be to take it one day at a time. I do have a few ideas for places to head too but I don't want to get too excited just yet.

I am hoping to have a bit more of an exciting post for our May/June/July editions. fingers crossed everything goes to plan.

April Dates for the diary

1st April Fools Day

4th Easter

5th Easter Monday

12th Ramadan

15th Anniversary of the Titanic sinking.

17th-25th National Parks Day

21st Queen Elisabeth II 95th Birthday

22nd Earth Day

23rd St Georges day

25th World Penguin Day

27th Full Moon

From the 19th- 25th of April you can see the meteor shower Lyrids, reaching its full height on the 23rd.

Things to do this month

You could get super crafty and create some Easter goodies such as:

*Good old fashioned Hard boiled egg competitions or you can get creative with crayons and create some fancy egg designs to display

*Easter recipes

*Constellation spotting - This month you could spot Hydra.

*Make Egg Heads (all you need is egg shell, cress seeds, cotton wool.)

*Enjoy some lovely Spring walks

*Get the garden Bee and Butterfly ready

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