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An Autumn walk in Doxford Park - Sunderland

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One of our favourite places to go for a walk, that is close to our house, is Doxford Park, it is one of the best places to witness the seasons changing. We have been visiting Doxford Park for many years, and have some great memories of the boys through the years running through the trees, picnics, foraging for goodies to make our Christmas wreath. We still love to visit today.

Packed full of history, Doxford house was once called Silksworth house and passed through many hands throughout the years until Charles Doxford took out a 99 year lease and then bought the property. He had work carried out on the land and in 1935 his daughter Aline took over the property and kept the gardens private, "The Secret Garden" She lived there with her many award winning show dogs until her death in 1968 when she left the property to the council. The house was then renamed Doxford house as a memorial to the Doxford family. The house has been used for many different things since but ended up being "forgotten"about and left to rot. Thankfully it is now having work carried out to turn it back into a family home. I can't wait to see the finished house back in all its glory.

The Walled Garden, which is home to quite a few blackberry trees, various sensory pots and the last time we were here they were busy putting in some new bedding plants

You can continue your walk down which will take you down to the pond. Unfortunately, there's never much water in it. You can walk all the way round back to where you started and the circular walk usually takes us an hour or so, but we do stop and take photos and the boys like to run in and out of the trees. You can also read about the history on three info stands that have been placed around the garden.

Previous trips here we have been blessed to see an Owl, water vole, friendly Squirrels and various birds.

It can get a bit muddy so sturdy footwear is a plus and some routes have steps.

There is s small car park at the entrance, although you could park at the back of Morrisons as there is a gate at that end. You can also park at the end of the road (where Doxford House is) This also has a gate.

Satnav - SR3 2SZ

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