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Things to do over Easter with kids

I really love Spring, the weather starts to warm up towards the end of Spring, loads of beautiful flowers spring back into action and the birds are singing some pretty tunes again.

Spring to me just says New life, Fresh start and Summer is on its way. Snowdrops appear first and then lots of other beautiful plants spring into action.

Previous years I would look forward to Autumn but this year I am looking forward to Spring and the warmer weather.

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Easter will again be slightly different than what we are used too, events are still cancelled so I have put together a quick list of some fun things you could do with the kids over Easter in your local area or at home.

I know some kids will be back in school but you can still do these over the weekend or on an evening.

Have an Egg-stravagent Egg competition

Like the one we all did in school with the boiled eggs. We are definitely doing this.

Easter Egg Hunt

We have little reusable eggs and we just pop in a few jellies and hide them around the house.

Make chocolate pizzas

The boys tend to get loads of chocolate from grandparents so they love to melt some eggs down and make a chocolate pizza topped with some of there favourites jellies and sweets

Easter egg making

You can now buy reusable moulds online so why not melt some chocolate down and make your own egg.


You could make Easter nest cakes, bunny cookies or even egg shaped cookies.


Make salt dough ornaments,

Paper Mache crafts

Grab a balloon, blow it up, cover in glue and the newspaper and then glue and then newspaper leave a gap at the bottom so you can pop and pull the balloon out.. Let it dry and pop the balloon cut to shape and you have a nest! You can leave it whole and decorate it like an egg. (we have a dragon egg we made last year)

Watch a movie

Elliot's favourite Easter movie is HOP so we always watch that. Basically anything with a rabbit in it you can pass as an Easter movie! Peter rabbit, looney tunes, Bambi etc

Easter scavenger hunt

I usually do scavanger hunts throughout the year for the boys, just theme it to suit what you are doing/time of the year. For Easter, add in things like A bunny, A lamb, Chocolate egg...

Go on a Spring walk

I love the local parks at this time of the year, so many gorgeous flowers appearing, you can almost start to smell the wild garlic, the birds singing away.

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