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Exploring the Myths and Legends of Bamburgh Castle a Christmas celebration

We were kindly invited along to Bamburgh Castle to check out the Christmas theme for this year which is Myths and Legends.

AD| Once again the fantastic team from Charlotte Lloyd Webber have impressed everyone with there skills. The rooms looked beautiful. We love a wander around Bamburgh Castle and we always find new things to look at that we didnt spot on our last visit.

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What to Expect

🎄10 beautifully decorated rooms to gaze around and learn about some of the local Myths and Legends.

🎄Info boards with details of each room so you can get sucked into the story.

🎄Each room has a different theme and those themes include: The great kitchen woodland antics, First small room forest magic, cross hall shapeshifting selkies, The library The Faeries Kettle and lots more.

I love the fireplaces all kitted out for the festive season

I do think some of the rooms could have had a bit more in them as some rooms felt a bit sparse but don't get me wrong the décor is gorgeous.

You can also enjoy the usual from a visit to Bamburgh castle


🎄Aviation museum

🎄 Kids trail which comes in an activity booklet

🎄Interactive games

🎄Elliot loved the guess who won the battle game

🎄You can also take in the stunning views over the village or beach.

Good to know

🎄The kids trail is optional at £3.75 which comes in a lovely booklet with a pencil. If you find the missing letters and unscramble the words you get a certificate. Elliot enjoyed it and he is 11 so I would say suitable for up to 12.

🎄Dogs are allowed in certain areas but not in the state rooms

🎄The site is not accessible in all areas

🎄Open seven days a week from 10am-4pm

🎄It is always a bit windy so I would advise to wrap up warm and wear suitable footwear.

🎄Upon arrival you get a leaflet about the displays and a map

🎄Tearoom and café with indoor and outdoor seating available

🎄Toilets on site

🎄If you have mobility issues you can get a lift on the cart up to the castle doors or tearoom from the carpark.

🎄Parking charges apply at £4 this is not included in admission

🎄Gorgeous Shop with an added Christmas section.

🎄Bamburgh Castle is a Cash free site


Ok so, I personally think you are better off getting a family annual ticket for £60 even if you are just visiting for Christmas and visit again next year, as a family day ticket would have been £59.50 anyway. (This is based on me and my family of 2 adults and 3 children) You can take a look on the website to find out other admission option.

The not so good bits 

I dont like to be a negative Nancy but I do pride Nefa on Good Honest reviews and not sugar coated words because you get gifted something. Plus some negativity could be used to improve in the areas it needs it.

We ordered 5 hot chocolates which were a bit pricey at £5.30 with cream and marshmallows each or £3.30 without the jazz. There was no oat milk available for hot chocolates as this has milk powder already in it (I try not to drink dairy) and for some reason my hot chocolate just tasted like hot water whilst everyone else had a lovely chocolatey drink. I did get a refund for my drink as I took it back. They explained that this is an issue with the machine they use and that it does it after it makes so many... Im not sure how to feel about this because if they already knew about it then surely it should have been fixed instead of charging someone so muche for a cup of hot water


We didn't stay for food as we had other plans but I did look at the prices and to be honest its a bit pricey. I would suggest taking a picnic or go elsewhere.

Ideas to make a day out of it

🎄You can easily spend a good few hours at the castle if you look at everything and go in the aviation museum which is included in the admission

🎄Beach walk

🎄Visit the Grace Darling Museum, Church with crypt.

🎄Holy Island is not far away but for the love of Thor please check the tide times. You can even get them on your phone. No excuses!

Please read

I just want to say that yes it is not a cheap day out but honestly, no one is forcing you to go. I do not own/run or have anything to do with Bamburgh Castle and what they charge for entry so please, if you have any issues take this up with them. Personally £60 for a family annual pass is pretty good in my opinion compared to some.

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