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Cinderella - Whitley Bay Playhouse


Cinderella at Playhouse Whitley Bay 

Chloe headed for one of our favourite venues to see their panto. Here's her review

"What else can we say apart from wow! What a fantastic show from the minute the cast stepped foot on the stage to the very end we laughed, we danced, and we sang the whole way through.

It was our first time at a panto as a family and what a first to witness. It’s not a huge theatre but it was perfect for seating. There wasn’t a seat in the house where you didn’t get a good view of the stage. The seats were comfy, and it had great leg room which is great when the little ones get a bit fed up sitting on your knee.

When we arrived, we were met by the warm and welcoming staff who were extremely helpful in providing us with our tickets and kindly introduced us to Gary Telfer the Producer and Joanne Walls the choreographer. We were a little early, so we waited in the warm foyer whilst the 1330 showing departed and that’s when the real excitement started to kick in. The buzz from the crowd as the filtered back out into the cold made us know we were about to watch something amazing. Some of the cast members appeared to help move people through and help raise money for the Playhouses annual chosen charity which this year is True Colours Theatre (As seen on DIY SOS) which is a fully inclusive theatre company and school. They didn’t hesitate to take photo upon photo with passers by leaving no one out.

Once the last of guests were finished taking photos, we luckily got to meet Whitley Bay Playhouse very own Steve Walls before he went backstage. It is his 13th panto at Whitley Bay this year and his 27th panto season so we knew we were in for a treat. He was extremely warm and bubbly just as his character buttons was on stage.

We don’t want to give away too much about the performance as we definitely think everyone should go and watch it for themselves but there are some definite things we want to share.

The cast were in their element from start to finish, and you could tell they absolutely loved what they were doing. There were a few moments through the performance where things didn’t go quite to plan but if you didn’t know or they didn’t say you would think it was part of the act (we hope Void’s nose is ok!). The cast didn’t miss a step, and everyone took the mishaps in their stride which had the crowd in stitches. The Step Sisters were a firm favourite in our house. I think Thea would have joined them on stage if she could. Every time they appeared she jumped onto her feet and was clapping and laughing at them. For Blake it was the dance troops. As an aspiring dancer herself she was in awe of the young girls onstage in their beautiful outfits with the biggest smiles upon their faces. I think they might have a new crew member in years to come.

As we haven’t been before we were new to the BENCH scene and the ghost story scene. I think these alone make this show stand out and we can’t wait to see what’s in store for BENCH’s arrival next year.

Half time came and went so quickly but there was plenty on offer for everyone to get something they enjoy. The bar in the foyer was open for both alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks and there was a little snack bar with slushies, crisps, sweeties and ice cream. As with these things it’s not always cheap but we bought two ice creams and a bag of sweets all £3.50 each. There was also a stand with light up wands before during and after the performance, the one we purchased being £7.

The second act went over so quickly and before we knew it a surprise visitor made an appearance with his big red coat and long white beard, and he curtain fell upon what was such a fantastic pantomime. As we all brushed the snow and streamers out of hair, we made our way out filtering slowly down the stairs. When we got to the foyer though we knew why. The cast as we mentioned before had brough Santa with him this time allowing everyone to get a photo as they headed home.

We had a little bit of a walk back to the car as when we arrived the car park was full of the 1330 showing. We managed to get a space on Park Avenue which is permit parking or 50p per hour between 0900 and 1730 so only had to pay £1.40. We did try other car parks closer before this on Park Road which is just across from the playhouse and behind Spanish city but to no avail. "

We are so Glad Chloe and family enjoyed the show.

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