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Magical Night Out: Experience Cinderella Panto at Gala Durham

We were kindly invited along to see Cinderella at Gala Theatre Durham, however we couldn't make it so our lovely Writer Rachel headed along with her family. Here is her amazing write up from the night.

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Ad| "We were lucky enough to start our festive season with a trip to see Cinderella at

the Gala in Durham.

It was a 7pm show so both boys were buzzing with excitement at being out so

late. I was nervous at having two VERY excited little people at the evening

show, but from the moment we arrived at the theatre we were met with a

warm and bustling energy. There were lots of other young children there

and neither the staff nor other theatre goers seemed to mind their barely-

contained excitement.  

It took the cast and the audience a few minutes to warm up, but within 5-10

minutes we were all drawn in and utterly won over. The sets were

gorgeous, the costumes were exquisite, and the energy was infectious.

Highlights to look forward to:

🐭 A mouse doing stand-up

🪄 Magic tricks

👿 A charismatic villain who stole every scene

❣️A charming love story 

🃏 A wildly talented fairy godmother

🧚Exaggerated jokes and brilliant banter

🎶Music you’ll recognise

💃A dance off that has the audience on their feet


What to expect:

👑Drinks and snacks were available in a few different concession

stands throughout the building so no terrible queues. 

👑 There was a lovely little souvenir stand which they’d thoughtfully

placed to the side so you only walk past if you choose to (price list in

photo). My husband snuck off and bought both boys a little matchbox

mouse which thoroughly enchanted them. 

👑 Mice were hidden around the building which the little ones could

find to win a ‘MICE surprise’. We didn’t get a chance to do this

because my boys were too busy pretending to be mice themselves,

but a programme with colouring, a word search, and a scavenger

hunt is such a thoughtful way to make the kids feel welcome and give

the adults a bit of peace while they wait for the show to start.

👑 Yet another thoughtful gesture for families – on your way in to take

your seat you can grab a booster seat so your little one can more

easily see the show.


I know for myself when there’s a high price tag Id ither over whether to take

my little ones. For what it’s worth there were a lot of children 5 and under in

the audience and the vast majority remained engaged, laughing and

clapping straight through to the end. A few faded due to the late hour and,

like my 2-year-old, fell asleep in my arms during intermission and gently

snored through the second act, but with so many different days/times

available you should be able to find a performance which works around



Cinderella is playing until the 6th of January and has morning, afternoon, and

evening performances.  

At £60 for a family ticket Cinderella is not a cheap day out, but what you get for the price is a professional panto the entire family will love. I never appreciate it when people describe something as a ‘must see’ or ‘not to be missed.’ This is such an expensive time of year

and one of the things I love about this page  is you can easily find amazing cheap/free events to fill your calendar.

If your budget this year does stretch to a panto it would be hard to beat this one. As we left I heard nothing but

raves from adults and kids. Aidan said it was the best start to the Christmas

season ever, and as we were walking back to the car William raised his

sleepy head from my shoulder to tell us how much he loved the show."

What a lovely review from Rachel, we are so happy that they had a wonderful night at the panto to kick start the festive season.

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