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Our April Check In 2023 & Dates for the diary

How on earth is it April already! I have not done a check in since January so thought I would do one for Spring. March was interesting with Snow one day, sun the next! I hate weather like this I would rather it was just one or the other. Preferably warm (not hot)

So what has been happening in since my last check in? Well we have been keeping busy with plenty of walks, home ed work and just general life. We have been out on a few blog jobs but nothing major. Now that it is spring it has started to pick up quite a bit and we do have lots happening now that the weather is warming up.

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March has been a good month, I have got quite a lot done actually, we have visited some fantastic places over March and of course we all had Mothers Day which was lovely with a cooked breakfast, flowers and gifts from the boys. To read the latest posts click on the PINK links

Where did we go during March

We worked with the fantastic Teamsport to promote the new Super Mario style track in Newcastle which was a ton of fun. We have been getting out more for walks and enjoying what we have on our doorstep. Read about our favourite Spring walks HERE

We visited Potters World in Lanchester Garden centre for the first time with Elliot which was fantastic and to be honest, I think we will be going back with the older two.

We have been to Gosforth Nature reserve for the first time which was fab and the staff were lovely. We had an invite for Sunday lunch at the brand new Park Head hotel. We tried the brand new Zog trail in Hamsterley forest which was fun and we have been planning our holidays this year. First stop Wales keep an eye out for the posts coming when we get back.

Things we are looking forward to in April

We are heading to Wales for a week and we are really looking forward too it as I have put on a total social media ban for the whole week. (I will be scheduling posts on socials) I can not wait for this I already have a social media break on weekends so a full week will definitely be refreshing. We are also heading to York to celebrate the Flying Scotsman's Birthday and lots more so please do keep an eye out on socials. I am so looking forward to lovely spring walks this year. Winter has been tough and I am really looking forward to warmth, flowers and fuzzy bumble bees! For April we do have lots of fun Family days out planned and I can not wait to share them with you all.

The Boys

Our new home ed schedule is well on it's way now and we are half way through our new book which is Georges Marvellous Medicine, we are going to be doing some Spring related learning over the next month as well as continuing with our Anglo Saxon study unit. Our Home Ed studies are mainly for Elliot now and he is doing really well, he loves to learn and somehow loves Maths! (Did not get that from me)

Toby is now in College studying for his GCSEs and is doing really well, we were a bit worried about him starting college but he has settled in fine, even making a few friends. He even has a part time job working in the local garden centre.

Adam has been doing great at college receiving good marks on his assignments and now has his sights set on passing his driving test ready for when he applies for the Police in November! (EEK where does the time go!) He also started a new job last month which he is enjoying. Adam developed a new nickname Accidental Adam.... His latest ended up with staples in his head after he split his head open running into the wall!

Elliot has been attending his Scout meets and honestly he is absolutely loving it and looks forward to it every week.

Adam & Toby left Scouts as they were not enjoying Explorers as much as they had hoped for so instead they now go to a football club instead.

Can you believe that March 2021 was spent sledging in the local park.... March 2023 has been interesting with snow but not like 2021!

My food Journey

It is going well! I am starting to learn about what my body likes and dislikes. It has been a year since I give up red meat and I do not miss it. I have started to cut down on all meat now and only have meat a few times a week. I have not had milk in a few years and have developed a love hate relationship with Oak milk. I am still a sucker for cheese though (I only eat a little bit) hoping to cut this out completely. I would just like to add I am not giving up meat to be vegan/vegetarian I do not eat red meat or drink milk for health reasons.

I have explained in previous check ins why I am doing this but for those who are only just joining me, whenever I ate red meat I would feel ill for days after, same with drinking any amount of cows/sheep/goat milk. So I was so sick of feeling like rubbish and I decided to do something about it. I have now 100% switched to alternative milk options such as Oat milk or Almond.

I have been drinking more herbal teas and water and I cant even remember the last time I had Pepsi (those that know me will know it was a really bad addiction) .

I generally feel so much better in myself, my moods are better and I am just happier than I used to be and it was all down to diet! I have always gotten plenty of exercise but I have been making sure to get at least 10k steps a day. Again this is not about weight so please don't send me your diet pill recommendations, that not what this is about! As someone who has battled with Body Dysmorphia since I was 17 I try not to think about weight loss.

The Garden

Honestly, I am lagging in the garden department, I have not planted as much this year and It all comes down to weather, my mood and just not feeling it. I have started to plant now though so I am hoping for some pretty displays come Summer. I may cheat and purchase some flowers from the garden centre just for now.

I have planted peas, celery, and I am still looking after my dads chilli plant which he asked me to take just before he passed away, it is doing fantastically!

We are sticking with a wild flower/ pollinator friendly garden with just a few veggies this year. I have planned to have Tomatoes, Blackberry, Blackcurrant, Raspberry, Strawberry and Nasturtium. We recently removed a shower so I have kept the shower tray in the hopes to turn it into a little paradise. The rest is and is going to be all flowers to attract insects and hopefully we can do our bit to help those gorgeous bees and butterflies. We have plans to get some tyres and create vertical bug houses too I am still deciding whether to create a mini pond. I have made a few things from pallets too.

Photos are last years

What have we been watching

I feel like tv and movies have been a bit rubbish this year so far.

Craig and I like to settle with a tv show when all the boys go to bed, this year so far we have watched:

Big Sky which was amazing and I really hope season 4 is coming.

We have moved onto La Brea, Alaskan Daily, Wolf Pack and we watch CSI every Wednesday. Other than that we are still looking for other ideas if anyone wants to send us some...

I finally watched the Elvis movie which I always said no too, growing up with a parent who was obsessed with Elvis I always hated those impersonators...Before my dad passed away he said it was actually good so I caved and watched it... In fact I have watched it twice now. It is brilliant and Austin Butler plays the part well.

We have Wild Isles on record but have yet to watch it, and the boys have been watching Red Dwarf from the start.

On My Radar - Shazam! and Antman we really should have been to see these already but we have been busy so we are hoping to get to the cinema to see these in April (or maybe they will be out on SKY buy the time we get back from Wales)

Dates for the Diary April


Super Mario Bros - 5th April

Mighty Morphine Power Rangers Once & Always - 19th April

Peter Pan & Wendy - 28th April

Unfortunately that is it in terms of Family friendly Movies for April.

April's Moon is - The Pink Moon - Named after a speices of wildflower that grows in spring in North America.

aka - Sprouting grass moon , egg moon, fish moon

Dates for your diary

1st - April Fools Day

7th Good Friday

9th Easter Sunday

22nd Eid Al Fitr

23rd St Georges Day / William Shakespeare's birthday.

Social media calendar

2nd International Children's Book Day / World Autism day

3rd Community Garden Week

4th International Carrot day

6th Tartan day

10th National Siblings day

11th National Pet Day

15th World art day (Looking for activities? Check out the Tate kids website)

21st National Tea Day

22nd Earth Day

24th Scream Day

25th World Malaria Day / World Penguin day

26th Stop food waste day (this should be everyday)

29th World Vet day

30th International Jazz Day

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