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Zog Trail at Hamsterley Forest

*This post contains photos of the trail so if you do not want spoilers do not go to the bottom of this post.

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We love heading to a forest for a walk, I just love the smells and sounds of a forest and getting back in touch with nature and all 3 boys have always enjoyed going for a family walk. Hamsterley Forest is a gorgeous option for the North East, it has lots to offer and we highly recommend going for a fun family walk.

Today we headed to Hamsterley Forest to try out the brand New Zog Trail ahead of its launch on Saturday for Half Term. Elliot is a huge huge Julia Donaldson fan, so we just had to take part.

If you head over to the visitors centre you can grab your trail bag for just £4, this includes

activity book, crayon, pencil, 3d glasses, wings and stickers, all in a handy colour in craft bag.

If you are going to be using the app to join in with the AR activities I do recommend downloading it before you head to the forest, as there is absolutely no signal. You can download the app HERE The trail officially starts on Saturday 18th February. Find out more HERE

We found the trail fairly easy. however there is a slight incline and a steep path to come back down near the end, it is also muddy in places and the end path is quite bumpy with stones so this could prove difficult for wheelchair users. I think once the weather dries up it will be a bit easier. This stretch is access to the last 2 boards so, if you are unsure, you can always finish at number 4. The trail took us around an hour and a half, we took our time taking lots of photos so you could easily do it quicker or take your time to kill more time if you want to. After the trail we had a picnic in the car, because it was flipping freezing and then we played in the play areas, played pooh sticks and headed along to the other end of the forest drive for a gorgeous walk along the river.

Need To Know

🐸 Marked as Grade EASY

🐸 Collect golden stars on the App as you scan each board

🐸 1.5 miles

🐸 Large illustrated boards, full of info and you can find out how you can help the forest

🐸 Opportunities to collect rubbings

🐸 Mainly flat and accessible however, wheelchair users might struggle with the last 2 boards, as it gets quite steep and muddy.

🐸 Dogs allowed but please pick up after them and keep them on a lead.

🐸 Parking fees apply, you pay when you leave. £7 for the full day

🐸 Café and toilets are open *Toilets are at the end of the main car park next to the visitors centre*

🐸 Sturdy footwear advisable, it can be difficult terrain.

🐸 Play parks all open

🐸 Lots of Picnic tables.

🐸 Plenty of pooh stick opportunities

🐸 Open Dawn-Dusk, Forest drive 9-4

🐸 Use #Zogtrail

You can also find Downloadable Activity sheets HERE

Other things to do include

🐸 4 walking trails with different difficulty ratings

🐸 Bike Park hire rackets and play table tennis

🐸Large play areas

🐸Pooh sticks

🐸You can hire rackets and play table tennis

🐸Bike Park

🐸 Create a scavenger hunt at home to take with you

🐸 Bird Spotting

🐸Try and identify certain seeds, leaves, trees etc.

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