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Combat Karts with TeamSport E-Karting Newcastle


(AD)We were invited along to a preview of this all new racing experience, in Newcastle and the boys loved every minute of it! I didn't take part due to an injury so I just watched and took plenty of pictures, however the boys and Craig did take part and they thought it was great fun. We recommend to anyone looking for something a bit different. Perfect for Half Term!

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When we arrived we were greeted by staff members who by the way were all fantastic. Big extra shout out to Sam, Taylor and Akhil who went that little bit extra with Elliot to make him feel like a proper VIP (He was too young to take part in the Combat Karts and was feeling a bit left out) When you arrive you need to download the app or use the computers to create your profile, this allows you to see your scores etc. through email, which I thought was a great idea. You are then handed a balaclava, gloves, suit and the size helmet you will need and then you head along to the briefing room to watch a short film with all the relevant info you will need for maximum fun.

I always thought that karting was a bit of a "big boys toys" type of thing, but at Teamsport, the whole experience is really family friendly and there is so much more to it than just karting.

There are 2 karting experiences to choose from. Combat Karts, which is the first of it's kind in the region and combines real life karting with video game style power ups. Think real life Mario Kart! Suitable for over 12's.

Set on an interactive track with electric karts ( I know some people don't like the petrol smell so this was great) You use things like boosts, bombs, powerups etc to score more points and take the lead. In order to secure a speed boost, slow down the driver in front or behind or slow down all other racers, racers need to drive over highlighted spots on the track, to collect the available bonuses. Played over a series of laps, the positions of racers change constantly and rapidly adding to the excitement of who will be the winner when the chequered flag is waved.

Then there is the standard karting. This is much faster, with speeds of up to 40mph and a longer track, spread over 2 floors. Elliot could go on this track and he really enjoyed it. This session lasts for around 15 minutes. This track also goes up and down floors making it even more fun.

Before or after your session there is also smart darts, bowling and a super realistic racing sim. Elliot had loads of fun playing some of the staff members and beating Taylor was definitely a highlight.

These are all in the fully licenced bar area, where you will find a wide range of drinks and some super tasty food. The pizza is amazing! The menu looks greet, not too pricey and has quite a lot to choose from. Plenty of comfy seating and it looks super stylish. You can also find toilets in this area too. There's also a viewing window if you want to eat/drink and watch the racing. You can also hire cameras to stick on your helmet and there's handy lockers to store your items in if you need somewhere to keep coats/bags etc.


The staff are all friendly and super helpful too, which always helps with an experience like this. Elliot was a little unsure at first, due to the speeds involved, but the marshals put him at ease and he ended up not wanting to leave.

Team sport is now open to the public FIND OUT MORE AND BOOK HERE

Team Sport, Europe’s leading indoor go-karting company launches Combat Karts as part of its £1.2 million Newcastle venue refurbishment, which includes a brand-new fleet of Sodi RSX2 electric karts. Combat Karts, powered by Game of Karts, is the first of its kind in the UK bringing everyone’s favourite racing video game to life.

Teamsport Newcastle

Unit B

Armstrong Works

Scots Wood Road

Newcastle Upon Tyne

NE15 6UX

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