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An Autumn to do list 2022

If you have been following me for a while you will know that I absolutely love Autumn!

Autumn is one of my favourite times of the year and I love everything about it. You can find out more about what I love HERE

We always do an Autumn to do list of things we want to do during the season.

This is what I am hoping for this Autumn

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🍁Drink lots of delicious Hot Chocolate! - We have already set up our Autumn Hot Choc station at home but I am still wanting to get out and about and try some new places this year. Let me know your faves! Check out this post from last year *Please note this recipe is not vegan/dairy free. I am now completely dairy free and will be sharing my new recipe this year.

🍁Apple Picking - We did this when we lived in Scotland at Melrose Abbey and had lots of fun. Check out THIS fun Event guide to find out what you can enjoy this year

🍁Pumpkin Picking! I have already starting planning for this and have a few places we want to check out. Check out THIS post to find out where you can go this year

🍁Have a Carving Party. We are inviting our family and friends round for a pumpkin carving party which should be fun! Find some carving ideas HERE

🍁Make a Scarecrow - We have been wanting to do this for a few years now and never get around to it but I am super organised this year and it's happening!

🍁Leaf fight - Find a pile of crisp Autumn leaves and have fun!

🍁Colour Pic - We are doing a segment on Autumn as part of our Home Ed so we are going to find lots of Autumnal colours and make a picture.

🍁Trick Or Treat - Smell my feet ...... We have not done this for a few years now thanks to covid and last year was a big house move. This year we are taking my Niece, Nephew and the boys around the local area.

🍁Halloween Movie Countdown - We always do a 31 Halloween Movies in 31 days. We have a fab Family Friendly list HERE

🍁Make Pumpkin Soup - A few years ago I made a Pumpkin Soup for the first time ever and it was absolutely delish. We make it every year now. HERE is the recipe

🍁Go on lots of woodland walks - I really need to update my photography albums plus we love a good woodland. Check out some of our favourite Woodland Walks HERE

🍁Make our epic cookie S'mores. No explanation needed.

(It is basically 2 cookies place some marshmallows and chocolate the sandwich them together, wrap in foil and chuck in the oven until gooey. We do this on the BBQ too)

🍁Make Pinecone Bird Feeders

🍁Make Caramel Apples, Apple pies & Apple fritters - I will share my recipe when I do them again this year.

🍁Have Autumnal day dates - Craig and I always try to have a day date once a week even if it's just a few hours and we will continue to do this throughout Autumn.

I am adding a new section to the blog soon just for couple ideas. Some awesome updates for the blog for 2023!

🍁Throw an epic Halloween Party - We are finally throwing our annual Halloween party this year. We have family and friends come over, play games, relax and eat some spookylicious food.

🍁Read a new book - I have just purchased The Familiars to read throughout Autumn, although I am a fast read and will probably get through 2 books during Autumn so I also set aside The Vine Witch to read too.

🍁Conker hunting - An annual thing for us. Check out THIS guide

🍁Family Movie Night - I know I have said above about 31 movies in 31 days however some nights not all of us are here - Mainly the two older boys who have other commitments so I have pencilled in one night a month where we can all sit down and watch a movie and eat some good food.

🍁Make a Pumpkin Spiced Latte - I am determined to make my own that is also just as amazing as the ones you get in a few cafes

🍁Make an Autumn wreath for the door - I used to do this every year and the last few years I just didn't bother. Last year we moved house in October and I just didn't have time so I am really hoping I can make one this year.

🍁Special Hocus Pocus 2 movie night - We are having a special premier night to watch the New Hocus Pocus 2 on Disney+ I am planning some fun foodie treats too look out on Instagram where I will share my ideas.

🍁Go see a band play outdoors and enjoy some hot drinks

🍁Visit at least 5 farmers markets. I absolutely love visiting farmers markets and supporting the lovely local makers and bakers. Another topic for our home ed with Elliot is Harvest so this will be a great edition to that.

That is our Autumn to do list. Simple but offers total happiness, most ideas are free or cheap so it is a win win.

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What are your plans for Autumn?

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