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How to make our go to hot chocolate recipe you will love ~ Blogtober day 27

I don’t think I have ever came across anyone that doesnt like hot chocolate, what I have come across are people who are not sure how to make it amazing. We have experimented over the years and if you are using one straight from a jar then I promise you the cheap ones are always best.

However we don’t buy it from the store made up, we make our own and it is heavenly!


250g Dark Chocolate ~ I prefer the high cocoa content but you can use any. 150g Cocoa Powder 130g Icing Sugar 40g Cornflour 150g Horlicks Marshmallows, sprinkles and extra chocolate for curls.

If you want to make a Christmas version, add in 1 tsp of Cinnamon and Nutmeg to the mix. Topped with mini gingerbread figures.


Smash up the chocolate so it is almost crumb like, add the Cocoa powder, Icing sugar, Cornflour and Horlicks. You have yourself a really yummy Hot Chocolate that you can store in an airtight container for upto 4 weeks (if you can make it last that long)

How to make a Hot chocolate drink

Take out your Hot chocolate mix, and then I usually do 2/3 teaspoons per person with one full cup of milk per person. Simmer on high for 5 mins.

That’s it! It is so easy but so very delicious.

We usually have some Squirty cream, Marshmallows and then using a potato peeler make some chocolate swirls (scrape down the chocolate). Add in a peppermint stick for extra christmassy goodness.



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