• Kelly

Firework Displays North East

So many people have messaged me about Firework displays and if I knew anywhere doing any so I thought I would pop together a quick list of organised displays that I have found in the hopes that it prevents people from buying them themselves. I wasn't going to post about Firework displays because if I am honest, I really don't like them.

I have and always will be against the sale of fireworks to the public.

I am still waiting to hear back from some of the events, but I personally don't think anymore will be announced for this year.

Unfortunately Ashbrook Sports Club have confirmed they are not holding any firework events this year.

I would like to add a few suggestions for those with dogs, we tried a new solution last year and cut some toes from socks and placed the socks over Summer & Iris ears. This actually seemed to calm them down. If you have a puppy you could try getting them used to all sorts of loud noises however this does not always work even when you have your dog from a puppy and it also varies from breed too.

KEEP ALL FIREWORKS AWAY FROM KIDS AND ANIMALS! A firework is a live explosive and should not be used as a toy or messed about with.

Beamish Hall Firework Extravaganza 3rd, 4th & 5th Nov

Tickets are a must. Click HERE for more info

Seaham Fireworks Night 5th Nov from 4pm.

Click HERE for more info

Newcastle Racecourse 5th Nov

Click HERE for more info

Blaydon RFC Bonfire & Fireworks 6th Nov

Click HERE for more info

Stockton Fireworks 2021 7th Nov

Click HERE for more info

Roseberry Primary School Chester Le Street 4th Nov

Click HERE for more info

Blyth Firework Events (FREE ENTRY) 6th Nov

Click HERE for more info

Gosforth Firework Extravaganza 6th Nov

Click HERE for more info