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Firework Displays North East

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So many people have messaged me about Firework displays and if I knew anywhere doing any, so I thought I would pop together a list of organised displays that I have found in the hopes that it prevents people from buying them themselves.

We have expanded our following and now have a lot of North Yorkshire Families joining us on our adventures so I have added a few North Yorkshire displays into the guide too.

I wasn't going to post about Firework displays because if I am honest, I really don't like them.

I have and always will be against the sale of fireworks to the public.

I am still waiting to hear back from some of the events, so do please check back.

I would like to add a few suggestions for those with dogs, we tried a new solution last year and cut some toes from thick fuzzy socks and placed the socks over Summer & Iris ears. This actually seemed to calm them down. If you have a puppy you could try getting them used to all sorts of loud noises however this does not always work, even when you have your dog from a puppy and it also varies by breed too. The best thing to do is turn your tv up or pop on some music, don't make too much of a fuss around the dog because they will know you are up to something Smooth Radio and Classic radio do a dog special on Bonfire night.

KEEP ALL FIREWORKS AWAY FROM KIDS AND ANIMALS! A firework is a live explosive and should not be used as a toy or messed about with.

*Please note - SEAHAM fireworks display will not be going ahead. We have had this confirmed by Seaham Town Council. We do not know any more on the matter so If you have any questions or complaints please take it up with them.

*Please note Peterlee Fireworks will not be going ahead this year. This has been confirmed by Peterlee Town Council. We do not know any more on the matter, if you have any questions or complaints please contact them.

The list is in Date Order

🔥 Sunderland Spooktacular and Low Noise Firework Display

31st October

Family ticket £20

🔥Fireworks at the fort - Segedunum

2nd November

Free entry *Please note no parking on site and no dogs will be permitted. Those turning up with dogs will be refused entry.

3rd November

🔥Tynemouth Cricket Club's fireworks display

Tickets from £3

🔥Barmoor Fireworks

Free entry

🔥Old Boys Firework Display - Hartlepool Rugby Club

Family of 4 £5

🔥Brandon Sports Club Durham

Pay at the gate only From £2

4th November

🔥Filey Lions Bonfire & Firework Display

West Avenue Car Park Filey

Free to attend

🔥Guisborough Cricket Club

Tickets from £4

🔥Blyth Beach

Free to attend

🔥Alnwick Rugby Club's firework display

Tickets from £4

🔥Stanley Fireworks

Oakley Park

Free entry

🔥Newbiggin By The Sea

Free entry with Expected donation per person

🔥 Fireworks Extravaganza at Hardwick Hall Hotel

Tickets - General Admission starts from £6 per person for standing room

(Other tickets options available)

Free parking

🔥Rainton Arena Funfair & Fireworks

Tickets from £6

🔥Metro Radios Saltwell Park Firework Spectacular

Tickets from £7.67

🔥Middleton St George Cricket Club

Tickets from £6

🔥Thornaby Cricket Club

Tickets from £4

🔥Bonfire & Firework extravaganza at Blaydon RFC

Tickets from £5

5th November

🔥East Cowton Village Firework display - The Beeswing Northallerton

Free to attend, donations appreciated

🔥Great Aycliffe Town Councils annual firework display

It is free to attend but you need to apply for a free wristband.

🔥Fabulous Fireworks at Lightwater Valley

Included in your day ticket

🔥Beamish Hall

5th-7th November

Tickets are from £37 per.

🔥Blue Flames fireworks night

Tickets from £5.50

🔥The Links Whitley Bay

Free entry

For the more opportunities to see fireworks after Bonfire night I have found a few dates such as:

🔥Dalton Park Christmas Launch with Fireworks 9th November

🔥Diwali Festival - Westgate Community Complex Newcastle 11th November

Keep an eye out for my Christmas/New years posts for more Displays.

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