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Halloween Movies to Watch for Kids/Teens and the Adults

Updated: Sep 6, 2021

We love watching movies together as a family, it is even better when something like Halloween comes along. Snuggles with thick warm blankets, hot chocolate and spooky decorations. The one thing that we tend to struggle with now that the boys are getting older, is finding the right movies for the age groups. We tend to stick with the age ratings for most things, although the older two boys do watch some of the scary movies that we watch.

There are quite a few movies you could watch for Halloween with the kids without giving them nightmares.

Our top 12 for kids
Monster Family
Hotel Transylvania (Don't forget number 4 is out this October 8th 2021





Monster House

Corpse Bride


Hocus Pocus

The Addams Family (animated number 2 is released October 8th 2021)

The Witches

Our Top 10 for Teens


Shaun of the dead


The sixth sense




The Others

The Sixth Sense

The watcher in the woods (Disney)

For the Adults or those whose kids can handle it...

Halloween franchise (New movie released October 2021)

The Evil Dead

Jeepers Creepers

The Wrong Turn

Candy Man

Childs play

Nightmare on Elm Street

Paranormal Activity

The exorcist

My kids are not quite ready to experience the more scary movies just yet.

Maybe once they are over 15/16.

What do you love to watch during October?

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