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What to expect from a visit to Sealife Scarborough

Just before Christmas we decided to treat ourselves to Merlin annual passes, we intend to use them quite a lot this year and have an epic 2022 planned as long as restrictions don't come into play again.

We managed to get our Merlin passes in the sale so we got them for a really good price. It is definitely worth looking at if you intend to visit a few of the merlin attractions, because they save you a small fortune.

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It has been so long since we last visited Sealife in Scarborough and in fact I am pretty sure Toby might have been in a pushchair, which is just shocking because he will be 14 in a few months time! It is a fantastic family friendly thing to do in North Yorkshire.

We had pre booked for 11.30 and arrived a little later due to traffic, so I wasn't expecting to get in, but it was quiet so everything was fine. Staff upon entry were lovely and welcoming.

When you enter, on the till there are some quiz sheets for the older kids (scratch the answers) these are free of charge and behind the counter you can purchase a Mission pack for £4. I am glad we did as it was so worth it. You get some info cards, pencil, a quiz booklet to do on the way around, cardboard watch, magnifying glass and more all in a handy carry case with a lanyard.

Upon entering, the toilets are just off to the side of the gift shop, which has some great gifts and pocket money goodies.

You follow a one way system around the attraction which was easy to follow and ensures you don't miss anything out. There are lots of different sections to go through and we spent a good few hours reading everything and really taking the time to look at the marine life. I always see people complaining on social media that it is not worth the entry fees and some have said they are only in there for 30 minutes. Honestly, I have to disagree. If you really take your time to look at everything and read everything, attend the talks and feeds you can spend hours here. You can also go around more than once, although once you leave you can't come back in later on in the day.

I have always loved the Ocean and been really interested in marine biology and love marine life, I have to say though, I spotted the Moray Eel and for some reason it really Creeped me out. I think it was the way it moved. *Shudders*

We did stop by in the café and grabbed a hotdog for lunch. Unfortunately the café wasn't the cleanest and the fries were not edible due to being over cooked. The meal deal was expensive and they were charging £2.50 for a small bottle of soft drink, which I thought was stupid because they are trying to promote plastic free.

Sections include

🦈Rainforest Adventure - This is located upstairs, near the Café, it looks fantastic. I only got as far as the snakes because I am deathly afraid of Ants after a zoo visit and an open ant enclosure, which lead to one in my hair.

🐠Penguin Island - We couldn't see much here as the glass was really dirty.

🦈Otter River - Asian Short clawed Otters, super cute and followed me around their enclosure.

🐠Seal Hospital - Thankfully it was empty.

🦈Seal Rehab pool - 4 Seals showing off, following the boys and looking right at them.

🐠Bay of Rays - I loved the Rays, they look like ravioli smiling at you! They looked like they were waving at us.

🦈Great Barrier Reef - Elliot's favourite section as he loves coral and clownfish.

🐠Adventure Playground - Small but fun for the younger kids

🦈Ocean Tunnel - Smaller than some we have been to, at 15000 litres but still lots to see

🐠Kingdom Of Seahorses - The Sea Dragons are adorable!

🦈Rockpools - Hands on section. The boys got to touch Sea Anemone, Starfish and shark eggs

🐠Turtle Rescue - Interactive section with different steps taking you through the rescue, rehab and release process.

🦈Pirate Golf - Perfect for an extra thing to do here

🐠Talks and feeds throughout the day

🦈Picnic area (If you are sitting outside to eat please please be aware of the gulls they are so dangerous, this is throughout Scarborough)

Some of the Marine life you can expect to see are

🦈Various Jellyfish (Look out for some that look like pieces of thread!)


🦈Sea Dragon

🐠Pipefish - so weird to watch




🐠Japanese Spider Crab


🐠Clown Fish


🐠Rockpool creatures



🦈Various different fish


Need to know

Face Coverings are mandatory for those over 11 years of age

Booking is essential

Hand sanitiser in key locations

Sealife are a cashless attraction

Photography is allowed but no flash photography

Free parking during the winter months

Open 11-4

Postcode YO12 6RP

Pirate Golf is not included in your admission and is an extra £5.50 per Adult and £4.50 per child aged 3-14

Standard entry tickets cost £19.95 per Adult and £17.50 per child

The Sealife Trusts is a registered charity working to protect the worlds oceans and marine life that live in it. Sealife champion the need for plastic free oceans and and end to over exploitation of marine life. I cant believe that 75% of the coral reef bed has been damaged due to human activity!

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To find out more and to keep up to date with our latest adventures, follow us Facebook twitter Instagram


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