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15 reasons to visit Wolds Way Lavender

Wolds Way Lavender is always on our to do list when we head down to North Yorkshire, there is quite a lot to do and the boys love going and playing the giant outdoor games.

We think it is a fab attraction and definitely one for you to visit if you have not been before or even if you have been why not go again...

You can also upgrade your tickets for annual passes if you like it so much.

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What we love:

The Lavender - I love lavender and you can smell it as soon as you go in here. You get an idea of how many different types they have from the colour contrast. If you are lucky enough to be visiting when they harvest the lavender to go into the distillery the scent you get will just put you in a relaxed trance for the rest of the year.

Bees & Butterflies - If you are on a Butterfly hunt or you just like bees this is the place for you! I have got some fantastic photos here. They have added in a wonderful butterfly count section complete with baskets, names of butterflies and pinecones to place in the basket of the butterfly you see. I just love this idea.

Giant Outdoor Games - Just one of the reasons the boys love coming here. They can play chess for hours! Don't forget to play Foot Golf. We love to just take our time and the boys explore all areas of the games. They really enjoy the den building section too and if i'm honest the three of them could build a pretty cool den to live in.

Woodland walk - This is great especially if it is boiling hot as you can get some shade in the trees. Listen to all the birds singing. You will also find some signs dotted about with a write up on some of the trees you will find.

Miniature railway - A tour of the farm by narrow gauge railway. Actually quite fun.

The Distillery - If you time it right you can watch the lavender being distilled, the process takes a while but the smell is absolutely amazing!

Tearooms - The ice cream is so nice , and I don't eat ice cream! We have also had cream tea here before and that was tasty too.

My favourite colour - PURPLE! There's no getting away from it. It's like i'm in heaven.

The Gift shop - We have purchased various items over the years, my favourite is the massage oil it is so relaxing. I also purchased a tea towel here years ago for my gran and she still has that now.

Bird Spotting - How many different birds can you see? You will now find a dedicated bird hide which I love. Complete with a list of different birds with pictures to help you easily identify what you see.

The Nature Pond - Elliot likes to stand and look in the pond for ages, He loves frogs and toads so I think he's trying to spot some. We also like to watch the koi swimming around.

The Secret Garden - Located right at the back of the farm, Nice little walk the boys like to play hide and seek. Again nice if it is a super hot day to catch some shade.

The Willow Maze - This is where it's all happening if its the games you have gone for. Weave in and out and arrive at a different section to a different game.

The Timber Trail - Adam actually quite likes this bit, he's the oldest and for some reason likes to see what he can balance on so the timber trail is perfect for him. You will also find a mini version for toddlers.

Sand Pit - Always a popular choice especially with the younger kiddies. Elliot likes to just sit and let the sand fall through his hands. You will also find a large mud kitchen close to the sand pit. Perfect for those who like to add mud to there grass stains.

These are just a few things that we love about Wolds Way Lavender. You can easily spend a full day here especially if you take time to do the games.


Wolds Way Lavender 2020 safe re-opening from June 12th

Please Book your admission ticket online in advance

If you are wanting the kiddies to play in the sand pit take along your own toys.

The following safety measure have been implemented to make your visit as safe as possible:

  • Limited tickets available each day

  • Outdoor que area

  • Card payments only

  • New one way entrance and exit

  • Safety screens for our till area

  • One way system for toilets

  • All toilets are equipped with Luxury Lavender Soap to help look after your hands

  • Extra sanitising stations have been located throughout the site

  • Floor markers and signage within indoor area to encourage social distancing

  • Increased toilet cleaning regime

  • Increased site cleaning regime of high contact points

  • Takeaway food, drink and ice creams available from outside area

  • Limited menu to start with.

  • Menus available to reduce contact time and facilitate social distancing

  • Increased number of picnic benches around site

  • Plenty of space for picnics if you want to bring a blanket

We highly recommend Wolds Way Lavender as a great family friendly attraction and we can not wait to return soon.



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