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What to do with leftover Turkey - Our recipes and how to reduce your food waste.

One of things that drives me insane is the amount of food waste in this country. Lets just add in, that UNICEF are now helping this country to feed children. Honestly it is shocking!

75 Million (yes million) edible mince pies will be thrown away, along with an estimated 4 million Christmas dinners. The EU alone produces 88 million tones of food waste a year! It has been scientifically proven that between Christmas Eve, Christmas day and Boxing day we create more than 5% of our Carbon Footprint. In just three days!

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Don't get me wrong, many years ago we were that family, I was a young mother who had been brought up by my grandparents and had everything done for me. I didn't know how to adult! We didn't make shopping lists and were buying whatever took our fancy, resulting in throwing away leftover food and the shamefully forgotten about veggies in the bottom of the fridge.

Until one day I started to look into how much we were wasting and how we could change our ways. I really want a better future, for not only my kids but their kids too.

What can we do to change it?

Meal Planning. Honestly this is the key. When you do your shopping make a meal plan, ingredient list and stick with it. Know where you want to go.

When it comes to Christmas dinner, people tend to have a bit more than your average roast and lots of people will be eating Turkey, but they will also throw away any leftover meat. NO NO NO! There are so many great meals you could be making with the meat and saving you money too.

Lets use Turkey as an example.

We have bought a large Turkey which cost us £23 for a Free Range bronze standard Morrisons "The Best" We chose this one because it was the best value for what we wanted but without buying a Turkey that had suffered it's whole life. We did look at a large crown but there was only £5 difference. The savings alone on meals with one Turkey made that extra £5 worth it.

I plan to use the full turkey and make the following for a family of 5 plus a few scraps for the dogs. (You still get plenty of meat in each meal)

Christmas Dinner - With the usual Veggies, Gammon and Piggies. Oh and Yes Yorkshire Puddings.

Curry - We usually have a Turkey curry on Boxing day. With Homemade chapatis, rice and Indian style chips. Maybe a potato dahl if there are any roast potatoes left.

Turkey pot pies - So easy to make and you don't need loads of meat. I usually add in Bacon that I've got left from the Pigs in Blankets, Frozen peas and a side order of buttery mash.

Plus... (if we have enough leftover meat)

Stir Fry - Again you don't need loads of meat. We always have loads of veg in the fridge and freezer so this will be easy to make.

Korean Style Turkey Bowl - Noodles, veggies, meat and a sauce of your chosen. A splash of Boiling water and its kind of like a Korean style broth. Of course you don't need to add water you can have it as it is.

Don't throw away the bones! You can use this to make the tastiest stock.

Gammon - It depends on the size really. We have bought a medium sized gammon joint.

We are having gammon that will have cooked in Coke for around 3 hours on low

Out of this I will get enough for Christmas dinner and a lovely thick gammon and veg soup. (Just like my grandad use to make) If we are super lucky I might get enough to make some pies.

Other top tips

Look out for Asda's veggie giveaway, every year Asda give away any left over veg for free and over the years I've got myself loads to make soups and casserole packs. All you need to do is prep your veg, blanch and freeze. This will last at least 6-7 months in the freezer.

Yellow sticker shopping on Christmas eve

Not for everyone but if you can manage to get out and about head to stores 30 minutes before closing and you will more than likely get some fab bargains. My auntie does a well known luxury supermarket and has over the years got her self Turkey crowns for £1 which last months (Up to 12 months) in the freezer and you can make so much from the meat.

Just buy what you need

I feel like we are pressured to buy more than we actually need because, unfortunately that is the society that we live in. Over the years I have felt pressured when posting photos of the boys Christmas stash and then someone else posts and their stash is bigger and it continues like a vicious, commercialised circle. I made the decision not to post any photos of gifts, the boys opening gifts or even our Christmas dinner. I think the true meaning of Christmas has been forgotten about and too many people only care about gaining something.

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