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March - Our plans and dates for your diary

Woohoo it is March! March means the weather is starting to warm up and Spring is lurking in the distance. I have already spotted a few signs of Spring, including some impressive Snowdrop coverage.

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We have had a few months of uncertainty and now we hopefully see light at the end of the tunnel, although we still wont be booking anywhere abroad, as I feel it is super important to help get the UK back up and running and support the tourism industry. We are hoping to stay over at a few different places across the UK later on in the year.

I am so over the cold weather and the snow, I love Spring and those lovely mild days of walking through the woods with the flowers starting to emerge and the birds singing away. One of the things I love about Spring is the wild garlic, not only is it delicious, I love the smell too.

So what do we have going on in March?

Toby turns 13.

Our Toby Monster is turning 13 on the 1st of March, he is actually a leap year baby and his birthday is the 29th of February. We got to choose his date of birth and went for the 1st of March as he wasn't here on the 28th of Feb. We will now have two teenagers in the house!

As the Covid rules are still in place for now, Toby has opted to wait until later in the year for his birthday day out and has decided to have an Indian banquet for his meal, which we will be ordering from the delicious Chilli Mangoes.

Adam has joined the Police Cadets and has enjoyed his first session online.

Elliot has been getting his hands stuck into gardening again like last year, he has shown a real interest in growing his own food and we have had loads of fun so far. Last year he grew so many tomato plants we ended up giving some away to neighbours.


We have continued with seasonality as the boys seem to be enjoying it, with a little task at the end of the week to cook a meal with produce that is in season. We have been looking into our high street history and how it has changed over 100 years. I find it crazy that today plastic is just everywhere, yet 100 years ago it was nowhere to be seen. Lets go back to this please?

This month we are hoping to be spending more time outdoors in terms of learning, we have purchased some good quality sketch pads that fit nicely in backpacks and we will be going to a few different locations across Sunderland and sketch what we feel is worth sketching. Our new topic for the next few months is going to be Marine life. Magnifying glasses at the ready!

In the Garden

We have been looking into different produce to grow this year and have plans to completely transform our outside space. We have decided to go with a nature friendly look with plenty of lavender and other bee/butterfly and bug friendly plants/flowers. I feel like this year is going to be a great year for growing herbs and I cant wait to see the freshly homegrown produce on the table.

Getting out and about

Finally, we can see light at the end of a very dark tunnel. We have been hoping for good news and it seems that, all going to plan we will all be allowed to enjoy more outdoor time.

We are an active family and prefer to be outdoors, so the whole Lockdown thing has been hard for us having to stay indoors and not be allowed to travel to some of our favourite areas. We have been sticking to Sunderland as that is our current local location. For March we are planning on enjoying our local parks and beaches, there's still so much to do and see even if you have walked the same park for the last year. I am going to knock up a few different spring scavenger hunts for the boys to enjoy on our walks and, as the boys are avid bird watchers, we will be heading to the cliffs to see who we have visiting this year. Keep an eye on local attractions in your area for reopening dates. They could do with the support. (feel free to tag me in any you find and I will share them on my pages)

I can not wait until spring is in full steam.

Dates for the diary March edition

1st - St David's / Peanut Butter day (yum)

3rd - World Wildlife day

4th - World Book Day (Are you dressing up?)

8th - International Women's day

14th - Mothers Day (UK)

15th - Start of Shakespeare week

17th - St Patricks day

18th - Global recycling awareness day

19th - Red Nose Day


28th - Daylight Savings clocks go forward.

Have a wonderful sunny (hopefully) March

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