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Things to do at the beach and 5 of my favourites in the UK to visit.

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

I love going to the beach, no matter what time of the year it is. I have always felt drawn to the sea, we like to go and spend a full day at the beach now and then. It is perfect to relax and just sit back and watch the boys have fun. Using their imagination, without any game consoles or technology in site! Perfect!

Things to do for optimum fun

Collect Shells

See how many different types you come across, can you identify any of them? Make sure if you are taking them away you have checked for any creatures that may have taken up housing. I did this once and the next morning one of the shells had climbed up the side of the book case. Turns out tiny crab was inside of the shell! ( We took it back to the beach )

Skim a Stone

Skimming stones is the ultimate boy thing I think, I know my boys tend to do this if they are at the beach which then turns into a competition to see whose goes the furthest.

Fly A Kite

Not just something you can do at the beach, but it is more fun at the beach according to my boys. I don’t think I have ever met anyone who didn’t like to fly a kite.


If you have little ones, try going paddling in the shallows of the water. Watch there faces light up in amazement as the water splashes there feet.

Explore a Rockpool

Rockpools are amazing, there’s no question about it. So many little critters to find and learn about. Make sure to be careful if you are handling any creatures and put them back when you are done.

Go for a swim

If you are braver than me, why don’t you go for a swim in the good ole sea. I don’t go too far out but it looks like fun. Please take precautions if swimming with children, never let them go in by themselves or at least make sure you are close enough to intervene if necessary.

Build a Sand Empire

A firm favourite of mine and Elliot’s, we love creating huge castles. We even created a huge Shelley turtle from Blue Peter once!

Go for a Picnic

Throw a blanket down and sit back and relax, let the kids play and you can have a scrummy yummy picnic!

Play games

If you are going to the beach for the day, you have to play some classic beachy games. Frisbee & Volley ball are our favourites but we always make sure the beach is quiet first. Nothing worse than trying to relax and then you get people playing football right on top of you!

Sand Angels

Exactly like snow angels but in the sand instead. Lots of fun.

Bury someone

If you haven’t buried someone at the beach then you are missing out! Obviously don’t bury the head… Elliot like to dig a hole, put my feet into it and then bury them. Quite nice on a really hot day because it is so cool in the sand.

Write your name in the sand

Grab a stick and start writing in the sand. You can leave messages for other people, even dig some ” treasure” and leave a trail for someone to follow.

5 of our favourite beaches to visit in the UK

Druridge bay Northumberland

Seaburn Sunderland

Jurassic Coast Devon

St Ninians Isle Shetland

West Beach St Andrews

Which beach do you seem to visit all the time? Do you have a favourite?

Kelly X



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