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The ultimate slow cooker Paella recipe.

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

The ultimate slow cooker Paella recipe. It is no secret that I absolutely love my slow cooker. You just load it up on a morning and thats that for the day with amazing end results. My family love a good Paella and I was sick of cooking it on the stove so I decided to try it in the Slow cooker instead. I just love to cook with the slow cooker and you can do so much in them it has definitely been a game changer for my family life.


Please note that we do not put prawns into our Paella dish due to some family members not liking them.

Serves 7-8

7 Tsp of oil 6 rashers of smoked Bacon diced 200g Smoked Chorizo diced 2 Red Onions diced 3 Cloves of Garlic diced 1 Red Pepper diced and de seeded 2L Chicken stock 2 tins(400g each) Tomatoes 1 Kilo of Boneless Chicken Thighs once cooked dice it. 700g Paella Rice 300g Frozen Peas 1 Spring Onion diced Juice of 1 Lemon you can even pop the lemon in the dish and the remove before you serve the meal.

To make it just utterly devine add a splash of double cream to the servings.


Preheat the slow cooker to low, then brown the chicken,chorizo and bacon in a frying pan once it is browned transfer to the slow cooker add in all of the other ingredients to the slow cooker. After 2 hours add more water if you need too.

I usually leave mine to cook on low for around 4 hours. However you can cut the time in half if you fully cook the chicken and other meat in the frying pan and the basically all your doing is waiting for the paella rice to absorb the liquid. I prefer to cook it longer in the slow cooker and then you get that thick gorgeous texture to it.


The ultimate slow cooker Paella recipe.


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