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Easter themed Rocky Road - The perfect Easter treat Recipe

Easter is looming and what better way to celebrate, than to create some fun treats for the kiddies to enjoy.

We have been experimenting with recipes and its always the simple ones that turn out the best. The boys love Rocky Road and have become masters at making it. So we decided to Easter our recipe up.


200g of chocolate. We usually use Milk chocolate

1 bag of chocolate chips - white

14 digestives

100g Maltesers

However many marshmallows you want (usually a few handfuls)

135g butter

2 squirts of golden syrup

Mini mini eggs for decoration (you can find these in most supermarkets)


First you need to melt the chocolate in a pan with the butter and Golden Syrup, stir to make sure its not sticking and keep on a low heat until completely melted and runny.

In a mixing bowl add in your digestives and crush until you get the desired texture,. Then add in all of your ingredients excluding the mini eggs as these are for the finish. Pour over the melted mixture and give a good stir to ensure it is all coated.

Place some baking paper into your container of choice and spread out the mixture, then you can decorate the top. Add on those mini eggs. Place in the fridge until set.

Once set do 4 cuts in both directions to give you 25 pieces. You can make them bigger if you want but we find this is the best size to avoid that sickly feeling.

If you need precise measurements you can use this recipe.


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