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Slow Cooker Recipes|Boston Baked Beans. The ultimate comfort food

Updated: Mar 18, 2020

Slow cooker recipes | Boston Baked Beans. The Ultimate Comfort Food.

When it comes to comfort food, Boston Baked Beans is up there with the very best! Packed with flavour and it’s nice and warming, specially at this time of year. The Ultimate Comfort Recipe.

You can be eat it on it’s own as a main meal, but also makes a great side dish for other meals. It can be a little tricky, timing everything right, but we have been experimenting with this recipe for years and have (almost) perfected the timings, though it is best to start the night before you plan to eat it. Share your photos with me.

To try this super rich slow cooker dish, you will need:

  1. 500g dried white haricot beans

  2. 150g belly pork for a side dish or 500g for a main meal

  3. 1 large onion (chopped)

  4. 4 tbsp black treacle or molasses

  5. 4 tbsp dark muscovado sugar (or light if you prefer it a little less rich)

  6. 3 tsp mustard (coarse or English both work well)

  7. Salt & pepper

Firstly, you will need to soak the beans in cold water, for at least 6 hours. We usually do this the day before. You then need to add the soaked beans to your slow cooker, cover with boiling water and cook on high for 3 hours. This is best done the evening before, as the rest of the cooking process takes a whopping 11 hours!

While the beans are cooking, you should chop the pork into small chunks and soak in cold water for 3 hours. After the beans have had their initial 3 hours, they need to be drained, though you need to retain 250ml of the liquid they have cooked in. This can be tricky, but helps with the overall flavour of the dish.

Next, mix this retained liquid, with the treacle, sugar and mustard. Return the beans to the slow cooker and add the liquid. Then stir through your onion and pork chunks and cook on low for 11 hours. (This is why we prepare everything the night before, that way, the 11 hours can be done overnight)

All that’s left, is to enjoy! You could try making some bread to go with it. (Slow cooker bread recipe coming soon)



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