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My take on Sweet Vietnamese Pork. Super easy to make.

Updated: Jun 15, 2021

When I buy meat I usually get it from my local butchers, mainly for the quality and freshness. However I was recently shopping in the local supermarket and realised I needed some pork for a pasty recipe I was doing.

The butcher was great he managed to get me some pork Leg, which is unbelievably flavourful and lots more than I actually needed, yet still cheaper than the pre packed version on the shelf. After making up 6 pasties I still had a ton of Pork left and here is what I did with it.


500g Diced pork (Leg)

1 Red Onion chopped

1 Shallot diced

1 tbsp Chilli powder

1 Tbsp Ginger powder

2 Fresh Garlic cloves – Chopped

2 Spring Onions finely chopped

6 tsp of Brown sugar

A splash of Soy sauce

A splash of worchester sauce,

A sprinkle of salt

A sprinkle of Black pepper

A block of dried Vermicelli per person


First start by heating your pan with a decent glug of oil. Brown the onions, Shallots and Garlic in the pan.

Then add in the meat I like to cut mine into strips that way it cooks much faster than big chunks. Once the meat has started to cook (It will turn white) add in the Chilli, Ginger, Worchester sauce, soy sauce and the sugar.

Once you have mixed it all up leave it to bubble and caramelise for roughly 3 minutes, stir again and leave it for 40 seconds.

While you are waiting for the meat to finish cooking, put some dried Vermicelli into a heat proof bowl and cover with freshly boiled water for around 3 minutes. Once they are done strain and then add them to the pan and mix together well.

Once in your serving bowl pop on the fresh Spring Onions.

That’s it. How easy was that? I have to admit I love the sweet flavour that coats the meat.



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