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Movies we are looking forward to in 2021 and a sneak peek at 2022

I know there is a lot of negativity around at the moment and I try to ban negativity so I am trying to Create posts that are positives.

2021 sees the release of quite a few movies and some of them we are really looking forward to them.

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2021 releases (release dates may change)

Matrix 4 - Dec 22nd

Rumour has it that we will see a young Morpheus , no word of Lawrence Fishburn returning and most of the plot is being kept quiet for now.

I think we will have a bit of a marathon before we watch Matrix 4.

Godzilla vs Kong - May 21st

Do I need to write anything here? An Epic battle between two well known monsters. What more can you ask for.

Space Jam New Legacy - July 16th

Space Jam is back in this long awaited sequel with LeBron James teaming up with the much loved Buggs Bunny

Tom & Jerry - March 5th

This takes us back to when Tom & Jerry first meet, I am quite looking forward to this one, as a Tom & Jerry fan growing up.

Raga & the last Dragon - March 5th

A re-inhabited Earth by an ancient civilisation. Raya the Warrior is determined to find the last Dragon.

Peter Rabbit 2 - April 2nd

Absolutely loved the first movie, Elliot watches this a lot! We are excited to see where Peter Rabbit 2 takes the beloved story.

Rumble - May 14th

A world where Monsters and Wrestling is combined. This is sure to please the younger audience.

Free Guy - May 21st

A bank teller realises he is a background character in a video game.

Cruella - May 28th

A live action version of the Disney classic.

Vivo - June 4th

Sony pictures first ever musical adventure.

Ghostbusters afterlife - June 11th

We have been looking forward to this since they announced it. We didn't really like the last version so we have high hopes for this with the original casting.

Luca June - 18th

An unlikely friendship grows between a human and an underwater sea monster disguised as a human. (Disney)

Venom Let there be Carnage - June 25th

I LOVE Venom and really enjoyed the first one so I am really excited for Venom 2.

Minions rise of Gru - July 2nd

Elliot is looking forward to this one, if I'm honest I'm a bit sick of them now I think they are past there best.

Shang Chi and the legends of ten rings - July 9th

I am excited to finally see a Shang Chi movie. 1980s Stan Lee wanted Brandon Lee to play him and that would have been amazing! However for obvious reasons we will see Simu Liu take to the screens as Shang Chi.

Jungle Cruise - July 30th

Based on the ride, a small riverboat takes a group of Travellers on a jungle adventure. Features Dwayne Johnson (like everything else.)

Hotel Transylvania 4 - August 6th

Elliot and I love the Hotel Transylvania series and just think its fab. (Plot is unknown)

Boss Baby 2 - September 17th

I wasn't a fan of the first movie but the boys laughed there heads off so this makes my list.

Adams Family 2 - October 8th

I will be 100% honest. I hated the animated version. I was a massive Adams family fan growing up and just thought the animated version was terrible. I have heard that there maybe a remake in the future which hopefully will see Johnny Depp take the role of Gomez. (No haters please)

Encanto - November 24th

Encanto is all about a young girl and her family in Colombia who all have superpowers, except the girl. ( Disney)

Wicked - December 22nd

Wicked the movie is coming!!!!! Prequel to The Wizard of Oz , sees us follow the life of Elphaba. Really looking forward to this, the musical is fantastic. (No details on the casting yet though)

Sing 2 - December 22nd

A sequel to the 2016 much loved Sing. I must admit, Elliot and I will happily watch it over and over.

Who knows, maybe we will be lucky enough to see some of these movies in the Cinema.

Lots of 2022 movies haven't been announced yet but I do know of some that have release dates and if I'm honest 2022 looks even better than this year.

Movies coming out 2022 (dates will be confirmed at a later date)

Scream (I am really looking forward to this!) (Original casting too!)

Will we see the return of billy? I think we will but no spoilers have yet been released. I cant wait for this one!

The Batman

This has us divided in the house, the boys and Craig don't want to see it because they think Robert Pattinson is just not Batman. I have however seen a few movies with him in and he plays great characters differently so I am intrigued to see what he has to offer.

Doctor strange in the multiverse of madness

Following the further adventures.

Sonic 2

The first Sonic movie got some bad press after they made mistakes with his feet, but I actually really enjoyed the movie and thought it was ok. Interested to see where the second movie goes.

Thor love & thunder

I LOVE anything Superhero/Marvel/DC but for some reason I just can't seem to get into the Thor movies. The boys always enjoy them so we shall see.

DC Super pets

Superman's dog teams up with a flying cat to stop crime whilst Superman is on vacation.

It just sounds amazingly silly and sometimes that's all you need.

The little mermaid

Live action version of the 1989 classic.

Jurassic World Dominion

I love the Jurassic world series ever since the originals, I think ever movie has been great. I am sad to see it come to an end but with the reprisal of some old faces I am sure it wont disappoint.


A look at the space hero behind Buzz Lightyear. Elliot is a huge Toy story fan so he is really looking forward to this one.


We are all Transformer fans in this house, not much is known, not even the title but I bet it is fantastic.

Super Mario the movie

Yes really, they are jumping on the band waggon and we will see a live action Super Mari movie. Although it is animation so it shouldn't be to bad.

The Flash (I can't freaking wait for this!)

I am a huge Flash fan. At first I wasn't sure about this because Grant Gustin is The Flash but after seeing Ezra Miller play The Flash previously I think it will be amazing. The movie starts from the beginning when Barry is hit with a lightning bolt after an explosion in the Starr Labs.

Avatar 2 (will have to re watch the first one its been so long)

How freaking long have we actually been waiting for this one? It honestly feels like forever. I don't even think Elliot has seen the first one. Definitely have to re watch ready for the second movie.

I am going to update this post when I get more dates for this year and when dates are announced for next year.

Any movies you really excited to see this year or next? Let me know.

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