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The best 80s/90s movies to watch for a family movie night.

We love a good movie, and my favourite era is the 80s.

Although I wasn't born until 1987. I just think Movies and Music was so much better. We have been rediscovering some of the classic 80 and 90s movies lately and really enjoying just spending time together. Bowl of popcorn, sweeties, snuggles and your all set.

We have put together what we consider to be the best 80s movies to watch with the kids, please do check the rating and decide if you want your child to watch the movie. We usually let Adam and Toby watch 15s with us and Elliot 12s.

1. The Karate Kid

2. The Karate Kid 2

3. The Karate Kid 3

4. Teen Wolf

5. Back to the future

6. Back to the future 2

7. Back to the future 3

8. E.T

9.The Goonies

10. The neverending story

11.Field of dreams



14.Honey I shrunk the kids

15. 3 Men and a baby

16.The Little Mermaid



19. Stand by me

20. Gremlins

21. Who framed Roger Rabbit?

22.Bill & Ted's excellent adventure


24. Indiana Jones

25. The land before time

26. Flight of the navigator

27.Uncle Buck

28. Short Circuit

29. Santa Claus the movie

30. An american tail

31.The fox and the hound

32. The Breakfast club

33.The Lost Boys

34. Harry and the hendersons

35.Little monsters

36.The mighty ducks

37.Home Alone

38. Home alone 2

39.Hocus Pocus

40. The Addams Family

41.Free Willy

42. The Witches

43. Jumanji



46. TMNT

47.White fang

48. Matilda

49. Ace ventura pet detective

50.All dogs go to heaven

51. Homeward bound

52. Batteries not included

53. Toys

54.Cool Runnings

55.Drop dead fred

56. Fern Gully

57. A bug's life

58. George of the jungle

59.The Iron Giant

60. Andre

61.Dunston Checks in

62.Monkey trouble

So many great movies!



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