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Mazes and labyrinths to visit within easy reach of the North East

We love a good maze! What a better way than to spend a long summers day than a picnic and a maze. I have put together a list of mazes and labyrinths that you can visit that are within an easy reach of the North East, I have calculated the distance from The Angel of the North as I think this is a pretty central spot in the North East and most people know where it is. Click on the PURPLE Links to find out more

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Mazes to visit

York Maze 1hr 40min

Bigger than 8 Wembley football pitches and has over 20 attractions, you can easily spend the full day here. This is without a doubt one of the best days out we have ever had. Find out more Here

Woldies Lavender & Nature Garden 1hr 55min

One of my favourite places to visit is Woldies, it has lots of things to do especially for the kids including following the maze to different outdoor games. Find out more Here

Finns Labyrinth 25min

Located on the Beach in Whitburn made with locally sourced stones Here

Credit Finns Labyrinth
Credit Finns Labyrinth

Alnwick Garden Bamboo Labyrinth 47 min

This is always great fun and if it is warm it is a great place to escape the heat. Find out more Here

Kielder Forest Minotaur Maze 1hr 20min

The boys used to love visiting Minotaur maze when they were younger. You can find out more Here

The Forbidden Corner 1hr 17min

This is a unique labyrinth of tunnels, chambers, follies and surprises. This is on our agenda for this year! Find out more Here

The Great Ryedale Maze is taking a break for 2023 but promise to be back for 2024!

Cragside's Nellie's Labyrinth 51min

Cragside is massive and you can spend a full day exploring. If labyrinths are your thing than you need to take on Nellie Find out more Here

(Sorry I couldn't find out photos from Our visit to Nellies)

Crook Hall 24min

Crook Hall has just reopened last year and one thing they have kept is the lovely little maze near the entrance. This is perfect for those with younger kids. Find out more info Here

Credit - Crook Hall
Credit - Crook Hall

Singleton Maize Maze 2hr 32min

Blackpool We have yet to visit this one but it looks great, as regulars to Blackpool I am putting this on my list of places to visit for next time. Find out more Here

Birchfield Farm Maize Maze 1hr 27min

Again this is on our agenda, it looks fantastic and perfect for a picnic! Find out more Here

Credit - Birchfield Ice Cream
Credit - Birchfield Ice Cream

Pirate Quest Tynemouth Park 32min

Tynemouth park has become a much loved attraction in the North East and Pirate Quest Maze is fantastic! Interactive maze for those brave enough to do it. Find out more Here

Credit - Tynemouth Park

Lakeland Maze Farm Kendal 1hr 56min

A fantastic day out, lots to see and do.

Find out more Here

Credit Lakeland Maze Farm

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