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Our Day out at York Maze *Review*

Updated: Jun 16, 2022

AD| We visit Yorkshire quite a lot, but we have never visited York Maze. I am not really sure why to be honest, maybe it was the fact that we had gotten it into our heads that it’s just a Maze and maybe too young for the boys.

Boy were we wrong! We found a parking space quite easily and there’s loads of space to park too.

We were greeted by two friendly staff members who made sure we had everything we needed to make our day as fun as possible. You can purchase a cheat map of the giant maze with a plastic compass for £1.50 and you also get a little booklet.

We arrived at 10.20am and didn’t leave until 5.45pm so it was an actual day out and the boys could have easily stayed longer if they had the chance.

2022 opening times

16th July - 5th September.

10am – 6.30pm Elvington Lane, York, Y019 5LT

Our Fun Filled Day

You honestly have so much to keep you busy, once we were over the shock of how big the place is and how much there is to do, the boys just went wild.

*Please note this review is from a few years ago so some of the activities may be different*

The Field of Fun

The House Of Even More Cornfusion was our first stop, lots of fun and the boys just loved it. I think we did this around 5/6 times throughout the day. With spinning rooms and hall of mirrors it is definitely a must do if you visit.

The boys then went into the play areas which were Cobweb Climbing Zone and The Construction zone, Elliot is not a huge fan of climbing so he just played in the sand pit for a little bit but Adam and Toby had a good go in the Cobweb Climbing Zone.

Popcorn Pillow was quite busy with little ones so the boys suggested doing that later, once it had quietened down a little. They have been on the pillows before but this one is the biggest we have seen yet.

Mineshaft maize is a wooden play area/maze you have to find your way around. The boys did this twice.

Cobstacle Course, a giant inflatable obstacle course, was something the three of them did over and over throughout the day, they had races and just had a go. Elliot really enjoyed it and said it was lots of fun.

Volcorno, a huge volcano shaped bouncy climbing wall. Toby and Adam thought this was just amazing and bounced their way around it, climbed up it and slid down the slide too. Elliot just bounced his way around the bottom of it as he is not a huge fan of heights.

Maze of Illusions , filled with exactly that, illusions. So much laughter around, with funny mirrors and pictures to keep you entertained.

Corn Snake Tower Slide. This seemed to be a favourite of lots of kids that were there. Three different slides to choose from plus one for the little ones. The boys must have been on the slides over 10 times.

Pig racing There are different times to go watch the pigs race, you can paint your nose with the coloured chalk provided to choose which pig you want to win. Elliot laughed so much and his pig won!

Corn on the quad. We didn’t actually go on these as we don’t carry cash around with us so the boys didn’t, so this but it looked great. (There is a charge of £1 for these)

Angry crows and utter CORNage was busy every time we walked past. Loud laughter could be heard throughout the place coming from here. It was great to see so many kids enjoying themselves. The boys didn’t do any of the water activities because we didn’t bring a change of clothing but we will be going back and making sure we have plenty of dry clothes!

We had lunch from the Kernel’s Kitchen and ordered 1 corn ( Obviously ) 1 Falafel Burger 1 Pulled Pork Sandwich 1 Amazing burger (This one was HUGE! A 6 oz burger stacked with bacon and pulled pork) 1 Kids meal with a Cheese Burger. 2 portions of chips 5 bottles of pepsi The total cost was around £40 which I thought was great value, the food was delicious and the quality was great. Service was quick and the staff were all great too.

Corn Central

On the walk up to Corn Central you can find loads of picture opportunities with fun cut out photos.

The cornwall is small but fun to climb.

Surprisingly we found the fantastic birds of prey, bugs, arachnids and Reptiles which we always enjoy looking at and learning about. The handler who we have met before somewhere else is very informative and great with kids.

Remote control boats are always fun when you have kids that love boats.

Crowmania 2 ride was another water ride so we didn’t go on this one but those coming off looked like they had a great time.

We sat down in the shaded area for 5 mins and had an ice cream and were greeted by a velociraptor that was taking a walk with its keeper. Elliot loved this because he is dinosaur mad. In fact one of my favourite pictures from our short 4 day stay in Yorkshire was Elliot and the velociraptor his face just screams happy!

Giant Mural Painting looked great and there was a few little kids painting away.

Finger Fortune Maze had the boys running around looking for the coloured chalk to create a colour code. Once all 4 fingers and thumb have been coloured you need to look for your number on the board and then you have to do the silly task. Adam had to be a racecar, Elliot had to walk like a Penguin and Toby had to also walk like a Penguin. They were joined by Kernel and Sweetie who also joined in with the task.

Jurassic Maize was great, Elliot really enjoyed it and loved the Dinosaur statues dotted around.

Corn On The Club, mini golf, was so much fun, we had laughing, crying, Elliot losing his temper and picking up the golf ball to place it in the hole!

We then made our way round to watch the final Kernoel’s House Party Show. Which was super annoying (The whistles) but the kids all loved it and were laughing away. The hosts were great and interacted really well with everyone and even stole Elliot’s shoe, which sat on the bookshelf through the show. The show lasted around 30 mins.

The Maize Maze 2019 – The Lion King.

Made up from 1 million Maize plants, making it the largest in Europe! Looks spectacular on the maps, but you can’t see it unless you are in a helicopter etc. Lots of fun running around trying to find our way out. We took part in the quiz, you go from towers 1- 6 searching for the answers to the questions and at the end you can post your answers for a chance to win the competition. We forgot to post it…. When you first enter the site at the reception you are asked if you would like to purchase a map of the maize in case you get stuck for £1.50 which includes a small plastic compass. If you can resist the urge to cheat, you can return it for a refund at the end. WE USED IT…

The whole site is accessible for wheelchairs and pushchairs.

Two blocks of toilets are available with disabled and baby changing facilities. The only issue we had with the whole place were the toilets near main entrance could have been checked throughout the day as they were a bit worse for wear.

The women's toilets once you locked the door there was a gap that you could see through. And when I tried to use them it was full of school kids getting changed. Maybe a separate changing area somewhere for people to get dressed would be a great idea, even if its just in the party section when its not being used.

Plenty of recycle points dotted around everywhere and the place was spotless, I commented on how tidy and clean the place was with staff regularly litter picking.

All of the staff we spoke to, were absolutely fantastic with all of us, interacting with the boys talking to them and asking questions. Everywhere should be like this in my opinion.

The Gift shop was great, plenty of stock and so much to choose from for adults and kids. The only problem we had we bought quite a bit and Toby collects pin badges, the staff behind the tills must have missed the pin badge because when we got back to our cottage we didn’t have it (it wasn’t on the receipt) They were having some issues with the till and other than that they were great too.

Handy Tips

  1. Wear suitable footwear. I wore sandals and was fine, but if it rains it can get a little sticky in the maize.

  2. Take a change of clothing, that way you can do everything.

  3. Dogs are welcome on a lead. (However I am not a huge fan of people who take dogs somewhere like this, where it gets busy)

  4. Parking is free and plenty of space. But no coach parking.

  5. Let loose and have fun.


You can find all the different ticket prices right HERE

Have a great time and don’t get lost.

Overall rating we give it 5/5 it truly was a fantastic experience and I have no doubt that it will be come a firm favourite of ours every summer. Next we have to try out the Hallowscream event.



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