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February - Our plans and dates for your diary

Howick Hall Snowdrops.

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I say each month that I'm not going to do an 'our plans' post until we can physically go out and do something other than staying in the house. However I feel like I should stick with it and keep my routine of doing them, too much has changed to start with. This year I have decided to not make to many plans and just hope for the best in every situation.

So here we are in February, January has gone, we had birthdays, a broken toe and a vet visit (Iris had a kidney infection). It has been a long month that I am happy to see the back of.

If I am honest nothing much in terms of plans have been, planned.

Education - The boys continue with there lesson plans and have been enjoying learning about artists and doing some work in the style of that artist. We have also been learning about seasonality in cooking. We have been creating delicious recipes with the food that is in season, I think we will continue to do this for a few months because the boys are really enjoying it. Adam started a second day at college doing another GCSE in History and a Btec in Business studies. So far he is loving it but wants to be back in college with his friends.

It was Elliot's 9th birthday a few days ago and I now can not believe that he only has one year before he is in double digits. He is such a smart, caring boy and puts others before himself every time. For his birthday he asked for people to donate to the foodbank and local animal charity instead of getting gifts! He still got gifts but people also made a small donation for him too. At the start of lockdown he used all his pocket money to buy food for the foodbank after seeing an article of hunger in the area. He is going to do some amazing things when he is older!

I have mainly been resting my foot, but I can now happily head out on walks again. I will be wearing slippers in the house from now on.

We have been having a huge clear out because we just have so much stuff that we have collected over the last few years, so far we have listed over 2000 DVDs for sale (yes really and we have still kept close to 700!) Sorted through clothing again and have some ready to be donated when charity shops start to reopen. I have been trying to get Elliot to at least think about parting from a few of his toys but he will not give up any teddy bears! (I need another room in the house just for his bears.)

I have been keeping on with my nature journal, mostly just what I see in the garden for now. I am hoping we can start to get a bit more soon. I have also been thinking about booking a holiday but staying in the UK, I have promoted Staycations in the past and will continue to do so for the next few years, I don't see how anyone in the right mind could feel right booking a holiday in a different country right now when everything is so uncertain and then moan when it gets cancelled. We will be waiting until later in the year to even start thinking properly about it and are hoping to head back up to Scotland to see some friends and explore the highlands again. We are also hoping to get to Cornwall. We shall see though.

I cant wait to see all those Snowdrops appear.

Plans for this month include more clearing out, maybe decorate the living room, start thinking of gifts for Toby as it is his 13th birthday on 1st of March, although he is a leap year baby and his actual date of birth is 29/02.

February is St Valentines and I will be honest, we usually have a nice meal but we don't become victims of the now commercialised "holiday" I don't see the point in wasting money on crap from the supermarkets.

It is also Chinese New Year this month, and as someone who has Asian heritage, I love to cook up a storm. This year is the year of the Ox.

My Aunt who raised me turns 50 this year, so we are planning a few socially distance surprises for her.

We have started to get our fruit and veg delivered again, I was going to the local greengrocers but for some reason he has hiked the prices up so much it is ridiculous. I have found another local greengrocer who delivers so I am looking forward to seeing what we get.


We have been thinking about what we want to grow this year, last year we tried tomatoes and got a few successful plants. I would love to start growing Leeks, Rhubarb and Radishes this year alongside our Carrots and Cabbages. We have some Chilli plants too so we can use these for chilli jams and for spicing up some favourite recipes. Craig is building me a special planter for all my herbs, I keep a few on the kitchen windowsill but love the smell of brushing past fresh herbs in the garden.

Out and about, well again we are faced with another month in lockdown. We are only allowed out for daily exercise and can't travel further than our own town. Yes it's annoying but we have just been dealing with it. Craig and the boys have just been heading to the park and down the beach with the dogs. Luckily we have a few decent places we can head to that is local to us so we have just been making use of what's on our doorstep. I have been using my gym equipment and sitting in the garden because of my foot.

I have seen the start of some Daffodils poking there little bulbs up which means Spring is on it's way, I love seeing all the new life appear, buds on the trees and birds getting chirpier. Hopefully we can get some nice weather soon too. I am so over the cold and wet weather now. I just want to go sit on the beach for a few hours and watch the world go by.

Fingers crossed we will have a few plans come March.

Dates to remember for February

2nd Groundhog day

4th World Cancer day

7th Super bowl

12th Chinese New Year

14th St Valentines day

16th Shrove Tuesday

28th National Science day

Black History Month

Great American pie month

National Grapefruit month

What are you up to this month? Anything new?

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