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Easy to make Eco Friendly Reindeer food.

Christmas Eve is looming and if, like us, you plan on sprinkling some Reindeer food outside to guide the reindeer to your house, then now is the time to be getting it made up. Elliot is still a believer so we are doing everything we can to make it as magical as possible, plus the other two boys still like to get involved with it all too.

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One of the things I have seen people sharing is Reindeer food that claims to be eco friendly, yet still contains edible glitter. Edible glitter is NOT safe for animals to consume, therefore its just as bad as using the normal glitter.

The RSPCA are warning of the dangers that glitter poses to wildlife. Packs that are sold contain plastic & foil glitter which, if ingested by hungry birds or mammals, could cause long term damage to the animal. This includes EDIBLE GLITTER!

I had a think a few years ago about ways we could make the reindeer food as safe and eco friendly as possible and this is one of our favourite ways to do it .

What you need

Some Leaves, berries, grass

Some porridge oats

any leftover raisins are great too.

A hole punch (We use a tree shaped one that was bought from Hobbycraft)

Grab a mixing bowl empty the amount of oats you need into the bowl, then start using the hole punch to cut out tree shapes from the leaves. Once you have used your leaves any remaining leaves just chop them up and pop that in to, nothing is wasted here. We had a few left over raisins, so we put those in. We also picked a few berries from a tree in the garden to add a pop of colour. This will be sprinkled onto the grass on Christmas eve. It is biodegradable, edible and the reindeer love it too.

If you fancy making some edible decorations you could try this:

What you will need

Apple corer


Sunflower seeds

Garden twine

Core the apple but don't throw this away as you will need it later, then thread your twine through the hole creating a loop at the top. Keep hold of the loop and push the core back in and you should have an apple that hangs. Then push sunflower seeds into the apple. You could also push a stick through the apple for birds to stand on.

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