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Easy to make Jingle Bells for Christmas Eve Jingle

I am pretty sure that most people are aware by now of the Christmas Eve Jingle, following on from the clap for the NHS campaign.Instead of standing on your doorstep clapping you need to shake some bells to spread some Christmas cheer. This is taking place Christmas eve at 6pm. Click HERE for more info

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I have seen so many people trying to sell bells because of this and I have to say, you seriously do not need to buy pre made. You can make it into a little craft activity with the kids.

What you need

Bells - I bought mine from The Range

3 pipe cleaners

A bit of ribbon and a few ties (I always have ribbon and I just used craft wire)

Take your bell from the pack and find the top, it has a small hole for threading and push your pipe cleaner through and twist. Do this on both ends on three pipe cleaners. Then gather your bells up, so that the pipe cleaners run parallel and just twist, so the three of them stay together. You can also make a bow to pop on if you want and just secure with some ties. That is it!

I used the larger bells, please if you do this with small children keep an eye on them as the bells can be a chocking hazard.

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