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7 Benefits of walking 10k + steps a day

Updated: Apr 16, 2020

7 Benefits of walking 10k + steps a day

This year I have really been getting into a more healthy approach. For the last few years at least, I couldn’t do much due to ligament damage in my knee which caused lots of pain if I was walking for hours on end. Which meant I gained weight, and for someone with Body Dysmorphia that’s not a good place to be in ..

So for 2020 one of my goals is to get fitter.

I decided to walk my way to fitness for 2020. Seems so simple and I hear people saying you can’t get fit just walking. But actually you really can get fit “Just” from walking.

I bought a pedometer and started to walk my normal routine in a day and was shocked at how little steps I was actually getting in. So I set myself a target of 10k-15k steps a day, I thought this would be so hard but in fact it was pretty easy. I walk the dogs for 2 hours every morning and just over a hour on an evening and that was the 15k steps done.

However to lose weight and tone up you need to be walking briskly to the point you can hold a conversation but can’t sing a song. I have so far managed to get my steps to around 22k on a good day from walking the dogs, general housework and running errands which I am so happy about because I am starting to see the difference not just physically but mentally too.

What are the benefits of walking everyday?

  1. Heart Health – Walking fights off heart disease as it brings up your heart rate but brings down your blood pressure. Scientists say if a woman walks 30 minutes a day it can reduce the risk of Strokes by 25% brisk walking can bring that up to 45%.

  2. Stronger Lungs – It has been proven that walking can strengthen your lungs, when you walk you are taking in deeper breaths causing oxygen to travel through your bloodstream quicker.

  3. Better concentration – Can’t concentrate? Take a quick walk, then when you get back. your concentration will have been dramatically improved.

  4. Stronger joints – Joint cartilage has no direct blood supply and gets what its needs from fluid that naturally pass around the joints as we move. However walking squishes the cartilage which then cause oxygen to pass through.

  5. Improved mental health – Getting out improves your mental health I have seen this one for me, I can become quite isolated and a recluse if I don’t get out and about. Walking has really helped me deal with the world again. I have made new dog walking friends and I just enjoy being out now.

  6. Muscle tone – Again One I have seen an improvement in myself is my muscle tone. I once used to Ice skate and kickbox and when I stopped my muscle tone was rubbish but since I started walking my tone has massively improved.

  7. Weight loss – Pretty obvious really, if you walk briskly you will start to see some weight loss. Don’t expect to lose a huge amount overnight because you wont. If you are looking to lose weight make sure you are eating a healthy balanced diet and you are doing other exercise. It is also a good idea to consult a Dr before you commit to loosing drastic weight.

I have also changed my diet and cut out fizzy drinks completely, No dairy as I have an allergy and I have cut back on my meat consumption. I also practise Yoga.


  1. Get some good fitting shoes otherwise you will get blisters and they won’t be comfortable (Trust me!)

  2. Get yourself a reusable water bottle and make sure you stay hydrated.

  3. Change up your terrain, one day walk on the beach,park,mud.

  4. Take some healthy snacks to keep you going. ( I love raw pepper and carrot)

  5. Get a dog. Then you have to keep fit.

Buy some scales and keep a diary of how many steps you are walking, weigh yourself every sunday night and see what happens. I am not just doing it to loose weight I am walking to keep my mind healthy.

Good luck and enjoy walking. Share your achievements with me over on instagram. #Walkyourwaytofitness



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