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30 days wild with The Wildlife Trusts week 3

Wow we are now into week 4 of The Wildlife Trusts #30dayswild campaign. We love to be involved in nature, regardless of the time of year, but we have had so much fun doing some extra activities for the month of June.

What did we get up to?

Bug Hunt in Hawthorn Dene - There is no denying the boys love a good bug hunt. Since they were teeny tiny beetles themselves, they have loved to explore the beastie world.

We managed to find some pretty interesting critters today, including 4 different types of bee!

Stone stacking at Horden Beach - Horden beach in my opinion is underrated. You can also go for a walk around the hills which offer some amazing views. Today we did a stone stacking challenge.

Watched the sun set at Seaham Hall Beach - We visit Seaham beaches weekly, tonight we just sat and watched the sun go down and it was blissful!

Started our Bug Hotel - We have set the boys a project to work together and build a bug house for the garden. Looking forward to when it is completed.

Painted tree pictures - We adore trees, especially Elliot. So we choose to paint some pictures of the trees we can see from the garden.

Grass Trumpets - Have you played the grass trumpet yet? Go on give it a go it is so much fun , question is can you do it without laughing.

Gardening - We have been doing some gardening and planting more bee,butterfly & bug friendly plants. We now have Lavender, Buddleia & purple loosestrife. We also have some big pots full of wildflowers.

Lets see what week 4 brings!

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