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30 Days Wild with The Wildlife Trusts. - Week 1

30 days wild is a month long nature campaign run by The Wildlife Trusts. 30 days wild is now into it's fifth year and this will be the fourth year that we have joined in with the campaign. As members we find it extremely important to encourage outdoor fun and learning, after all nature is all around us. 30 days wild is a great way to try some activities outdoors and explore.

Here is what we have been up to in our first week of 30 days wild

Released our Butterflies. We recently raised 5 caterpillars and watched the amazing transformation take place, we then had the joy of releasing them into the beautiful meadow fields in one of our local nature reserves.

Tadpole hunting. We went looking for tadpoles and frogs. WOW we found so many tadpoles! The boys were ecstatic, although we did find a dead frog close by, so that was a shame. We did some research on tadpoles as Elliot has always had a fascination with frogs.

Forest walk. There's nothing I love more than taking a walk through the forest and exploring, listening to the birds sing and the smells of the pine drifting through the woods. We took a trip up to Kielder Forest and went exploring! Imagination was running wild.

Early Morning Beach fun. We got up super early and took a walk down to our local beach. So many beach treasures to find.

Pooh sticks. Oh the fun you can have with a stick and a stream. The boys found a stream they like to explore when we went for a walk and decided to play pooh sticks. Honestly it keeps them busy for hours.

Hide and Seek Rain edition. Rain won't stop these boys from having a bit of fun. There's something about playing hide and seek in the rain, it makes it so much more fun. Just try not to slip on the wet grass.

Cloud watching. lay back and look up on a cloudy day, what do you see? We saw elephants, a clown, a mouse and a pirate ship!

It has been a fun week getting involved with #30dayswild and we will be continuing throughout the month with the challenge.



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