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21 things we love about Beamish Open Air Museum

We have been visiting Beamish for many many years, including the evening events and we never get bored. I love stepping back in time and seeing how things used to be. We are regular visitors to Halloween evenings and wouldn't go anywhere else. So much to see and do at Beamish it's a good job the tickets last for a year. We decided to let everyone know what our favourites are and to be honest it was difficult coming up with just 21 we have lots!

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Our Favourite things

Trams & Vintage vehicles - The boys find the trams fascinating, they have heard stories about them from Grandparents and think they are awesome.

Special events - We have been going to the Halloween events since the boys were tiny, we love it. We have seen it getting busier over the years, so it is best to book early.

Sweets - Oh the sweet shop! I think everyone heads here first to try and get the sweets before the crowds get there. My favourites used to be the Sour Apples but they stopped selling them a while back. I will settle for a bit of cinder toffee and liquorice though.

The smell from the fires - When you head up to Pockerley we just love the smell from the fire burning inside the house.

Horses - You will see many horses here in Beamish, the boys are horse mad so will spend ages talking to them.

The Gift Shop - I admit the boys love the shop more than me, because they spend a small fortune in there. The gift shop has some fab gifts available.

Fish & Chips - Craig and I have visited Beamish before just to get fish & chips from Davey's. There is just something about beef dripping that leaves you wanting more.

Sarsaparilla pop - After the sweet shop we always head round to W Smiths Chemist for some pop. They use traditional recipes from the archives and the Sarsaparilla is delicious.

Trains - Beamish have Rowley station set up just like it would have been in Edwardian times, with short train rides on a weekend. There are also train rides available at Pockerley Wagonway.

The1940s farm - We tend to head up to the farm last. Here you can experience what life would have been like on the Homefront during WW2. We like to grab an ice cream too.

Carbolic soap - This one is my choice, I absolutely love the smell of Carbolic soap.

1900s Town - You can spend hours here, there is so much to see and do.

Hetton Silver Band - This one is personal to us, , because Adam was part of the opening ceremony as he was in Eppleton Scouts at the time.

Masonic Hall - Built in Sunderland and it is one spectacular building.

The Mine - I remember going down the mine on a school trip and came out with my new trainers black! It is rather special to experience what the conditions were like.

Ravensworth Dentist - I find the Dentist here really interesting, check out the tools they used to use!

The forest walk - Walk through at Halloween if you dare! One year I was chased by a Clown which did not go down to well (I hate clowns)

1820s Pockerley - I love Pockerley and having a wander around in the gardens, looking around the old cottages and again the fire! I just love experiencing life the way it used to be.

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