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Why We Love Redcar and Cleveland and Our New Roles as Ambassadors.

Redcar and Cleveland is one area that we have always loved visiting. There are plenty of places in the area that we would happily move to, when we have the opportunity.

We first started visiting the area before the boys were born. Believe it or not, we actually took a wrong turn and ended up in Redcar, on our way to somewhere else. We liked what we saw and decided to return and explore some more. From then on, we decided that this was one place, along with Saltburn, Marske, Guisborough and the surrounding villages, we would definitely be visiting more often.

We have been back on many occasions, as a couple before the boys were born and, more recently, as a family and the boys seem to love the place just as much as we do.

Since I started the blog and have been posting about attractions, events and things to do across the whole of the North East, I have noticed that this is one area that seems to be forgotten about when a lot of outlets share their ideas, so I decided to do something about it.

Craig and I have now become ambassadors for Enjoy Redcar & Cleveland and we are planning on making the most of it.

We will still be bringing you the best ideas for days out and activities across the North East, but we will also be focussing some of our energy on highlighting everything that Redcar and Cleveland has to offer, whether it's for a day out, or a longer break.

From it's miles of beautiful beaches or the stunning views from the top of Roseberry Topping to the Victorian splendour of Saltburn or the hustle and bustle of market day in Guisborough, this truly is an area with something to offer everyone, regardless of what you are looking for. There is also plenty for outdoor enthusiasts and history buffs alike, with plenty of wide open spaces offering walking and cycling routes, as well as a decent handful of fascinating museums.

In all honestly, we are yet to tick all of the local attractions off our must visit list, but we have made a good start and will be completing our list soon. As ambassadors, we will also be blogging about what we get up to and sharing some great ideas with you, so keep an eye out for that, over this summer.

For us, this is already a truly beautiful area that offers so much, but it also still has a lot of potential to become an even bigger and better draw for visitors from all over the North East, the rest of the UK and even around the world and we are looking forward to doing our bit, to introduce even more visitors to the wonders that Redcar and Cleveland has to offer.

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Paul Newnham
Paul Newnham
13 jun. 2021

We love Saltburn

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