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How we survive long car journeys with the boys and games you can play with the kids.

When you have kids no one prepares you for when they are a bit older and travelling in the car! Boy do they argue! He's punched me, he's looking at me, there's no room, it goes on and on. I admit as they have gotten older it has got a bit better but Elliot is an absolute nightmare in the car.

We were so sick of the behaviour from the boys that we started to look into ways to keep them occupied whilst travelling in the car. So we come up with a few games and ideas to ease the bickering.

I always have my bag with me to carry my epi-pen in and over the years I have worked out what I need to bring with me to keep the peace between the arguing boys in the back. It is so handy to have a bag put together, we now have a backpack full of goodies for each of the boys whilst in the car, although as they go into teenager mode all they need is either a book or a mobile phone and some headphones.

Some of the things we have in Elliot's backpack includes:

Pencils and Paper, they have their own little case with various stationary in and a little notepad/sketchpad A folder with various laminated scavenger hunts (This keeps them busy for ages) Travel size games for when they do decide to get along. A book. Perfect time to read is when you are travelling. DS console or Tablet but only if we are travelling for hours and hours.

Games we play

Morrisons trucks - you know those ones with various produce like tomatoes, fish and strawberries on the side.. Basically if they spot their allocated truck they get a point. (sounds boring I know but they love it!

I-Spy - Who doesn’t like playing this? ME! When Elliot plays I-Spy he just makes up random words that mean nothing or he will say it begins with an f but really it’s Dad…… Who’s Next Door – Stuck in traffic? Get them to peak at the people in the car next to you and then they have to make up a whole Life story.

Fortunately/Unfortunately – Most people have played this before but for those who haven’t you basically make up a sentence but it has to start with either fortunately or unfortunately and take it in turns.

20 Questions – Chose a person and then the other players have 20 questions to work out what they are think about.

What do you do when you travel? Do you have games you play to keep the peace?

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