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Unearthing the Past: A Guide to Fossil Hunting in North Yorkshire's Boggle Hole

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The boys have been keen fossil hunters and we have been to various places before, and Boggle hole has been on our list of places to head too for a while so I am glad we managed to finally cross it off our list. We did find a few fossils and some giant imprints in the "shelf" that you can make out. Just being here gives you the idea of what it was like all those years ago.

You can walk to Boggle Hole from Robin Hoods Bay.

You can reach Boggle Hole via the Cleveland Way footpath, this clifftop path boasts the most stunning views of Robin Hood’s Bay. Alternatively you can drive to Boggle Hole but you do need to leave your car at the top of a slightly steep hill and it is around 6 minutes walk to the beach. (There is no access to the beach by car this is the closest you can get)

Named Boggle after a myth that states a Boggle ( A Boggle is the local northern dialect name for a hobgoblin, the mischievous ‘little people’ that were thought to live in caves along the coast) Lives in the cave! It is believed that these boggles had magical healing powers and mothers would bring sick children to the holes in the hopes that the Boggle would heal them.

Smugglers used to land and hide their contraband in the caves at Boggle Hole. These days it is fossil hunters you can find here. There's a gorgeous beach on one side and a shelf and rocks on the other. It is of scientific interest too.

On our last visit we stopped off at the YHA Café for cake and a hot chocolate, the café serves hot food, drinks and it is also a licenced bar. There's a small shop, Toilets & outdoor showers here. You can also fill your water bottles up for free.

If you are going fossil hunting, you may want to take some tools with you. We usually just take a chisel and a hammer to crack open rocks, a bag to carry finds in and some wipes (very handy if you mess with the clay) Please do not go to the cliffside and start digging, this is very dangerous and you will get hurt. There's plenty of fallen treasure to find on the ground. Wear sturdy footwear, we always have good quality sturdy walking boots, a backpack with essentials in and a drink (Please use consider using a reusable bottle)

Good To Know

🦕Check the tide times before you go and always be aware of your surroundings.

🦕Parking is at the top of a hill. There is no car access any further than the car park.

🦕Dog friendly but please be mindful of others.

🦕 Fossil Hunter friendly (Apparently best found during winter and early spring)

🦕 Also a lovely section of beach o just sit and relax if you wanted too

🦕The walk down from the car park can be a bit slippery so its not the best for those mobility issues it is also a little steep.

🦕Stay away from the cliffs, the amount of people on our last visit with kids throwing stones up at the loose clay was ridiculous.

Close by

Robin Hoods Bay - Just a short walk down the beach

Whitby - 20 minute drive or if you are feeling fit you could walk the 15 miles

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