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The Northumbrian Artisan Pizza Company LTD - Review


We were lucky enough to try the Pizzas from The Northumbrian Artisan Pizza Company on our stay at Budle Bay Croft. They are situated on a new stretch of the England Coast Path at Waren Mill, near Bamburgh and definitely worth the trip!

All their pizzas are made using local ingredients, which I just love!

If you get the chance to try the pizza, do it, you will not be disappointed.

Allison and family have really worked hard to provide a good quality artisan pizza and have done lots of research to make sure you get the best quality food.

Working with local producers such as:

Doddington Dairy (the chain bridge honey farm ice cream was gorgeous!)

First I would just like to point out I am not the biggest pizza fan, in fact I try to avoid it if I can. I did try all of the below though!

We started off with a Garlic bread, the dough was lovely if we are going to be super honest we prefer garlic bread to be super garlicky which this one was not. Still lovely though.

Extra virgin olive oil, Garlic, Rosemary and Sea salt.

The Pizzas

Bari Margi

Napco special sauce, san Marzano dop plum tomatoes, fresh herbs, Mozzarella, Basil and Olive oil.

Elliot thought this was the best one, he likes a good Cheese and tomato pizza so for him to say it was delicious you know it is! It was super tasty and you could tell how fresh the ingredients are.

Holy Pepperoni

Napco special sauce, san Marzano dop Plum Tomatoes, mozzarella, fresh herbs and Pepperoni.

Delicious! The pepperoni was gorgeous. Toby voted for this one as his favourite.

Harry Hotspur

Napco Special Sauce, san Marzano dop plum tomatoes, Mozzarella, fresh herbs, Doddington Dairy hotspur cheese, Hammond Charcuterie venison chorizo and nduja.

Absolutely delicious with lots of flavour and you can tell all of the ingredients are top notch quality.


Napco special sauce, san Marzano dop plum tomatoes, fresh herbs, mozzarella, Doddington Dairy cuddy cave cheese, salami, Hammond charcuterie venison chorizo, nduja and bresaola.

Everyone really enjoyed this and the flavours works super well together.

Now, before I give the ingredients... myself and Craig found this next pizza to be our favourite. It was amazingly flavourful, the ingredients worked super well together surprisingly and it just left you wanting more. I do have to add that the boys refused to try it as one does not like jam of any kind and the other wont eat onions (that he can see!)

Pizza cheese alle fragole - Strawberry Cheesecake! Honestly try it before you dismiss it.

Mozzarella, Northumberland cheese company Elsdon Goats cheese, caramelised red onion, balsamic glaze, Northumbrian pantry Strawberries and Tellicherry black pepper jam! Unbelievably delicious.



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