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September Check in and dates for the diary

September is here! That happened quickly didn't it? September is the start of my favourite time of the year, the BER months. Autumn & Winter are my absolute favourites.

Summer has been a pretty season and to be honest I am just glad it is almost over, I don't do very well in HOT HOT weather.

What we got up to throughout Summer

🍁We went on a coach trip with Caledonian Travel to London and visited the Harry Potter Studios - Read more HERE

🍁We went fruit picking

🍁Went on lots of beach walks, and spent full days at the beach

🍁Visited Hannah's Meadow

🍁We regularly visited Rainton Meadows and Low Barns

🍁Had a sneak preview of Crook Hall's grand reopening with National Trust

🍁Visited Locomotion

🍁We went on a fairytale hunt at Floors Castle


🍁We visited Blackpool and visited The Tower, Sealife & Madame Tussauds

🍁Visited Hadrians wall

🍁We visited The Sill

🍁We worked with Gibside NT and had fun with their summer of sports

🍁We went Dolphin & Whale watching

🍁Visited Woldies Way Lavender farm in Yorkshire

🍁Headed for Norham Castle

🍁Elliot did a rocket fusing workshop at the National Glass Centre

🍁We tried out the free crafts at Arbeia Roman Fort

🍁We belly laughed at Playhouse Whitley Bay's summer panto

🍁We visited Pickering

🍁Had Horse Riding Lessons

🍁Went Roller skating

🍁We visited Killhope Lead Mining Museum

🍁Went on a garden & river walk at Paxton House

🍁Visited Land of Oak & Iron

🍁Had a nosey around Stephenson railway museum

🍁We went Sunflower Picking at Spillman's

We also tried out some new foodie spots that had been on our radar for a while and we continued for the search for the best Sunday lunch in the North East

The Autumnal Vibes are now in full swing and I actually purchased a few Autumnal/ Spooky goodies a few days ago when I visited TKMaxx and Hobbycraft (Check out my reels on Insta)

Home Education

September sees kids going back to school across the country and for us it marks the start of a new home ed year. This is officially Year 4 for us but we did previously Home Ed in Scotland and when we moved back to England the boys went to school for a grand total of 1 week and then Lockdown hit, so we just stuck with home ed since then.

This year is a bit different as Adam is starting full time college and Toby is starting his GCSEs, so he will be attending college 2 days a week to do those. Leaving us with just Elliot twice a week to do some one on one learning and we are looking forward to that. Obviously the rest of the week there will be learning going on and this is a mix of at home and out and about. Autumn is a great time for bug hunts and forest walks, so we will be taking advantage of that.

We have some exciting new topics lined up and educational trips planned. We will also just be enjoying the changing seasons. September is a happy time for Home Educating families, because our favourite attractions are still open and not ridiculously busy.

In The Garden

To be honest this time of the year the Yarden is looking sorry for itself and plants are starting to die off. However we do have some evergreens and the pumpkins are still growing. I am going to re do the window boxes and hanging baskets and probably leave the rest until next year. We will be making some bird houses & Bug hotels as part of our design echnology studies. We did have a fab summer in the yarden though and had lots of beautiful plants, butterflies, bees to enjoy

What's Been happening on the blog

Over Summer we hit 20k followers on Facebook! This is just absolutely amazing and I am so grateful for all of the support. We have basically just been re sharing older posts and then sharing new ones when we have been on our adventures. We do have lots of amazing content coming up for Autumn and Winter, including a huge Halloween event Guide and lots of Christmas related posts.

What's up with the pets?

Summer turned 9 in August! She still acts like a 10 week old puppy sometimes but I honestly can not believe it has been 9 years with her. Hoping we gets lots more too.

Iris has been entertaining Elliot, who decided to teach her a few new moves. Iris can do all sorts of tricks and likes to show off.

Albert (the bunny) has been full of himself lately and found a hiding spot behind his cage in the living room (he is an indoor bunny) and then thinks he is hiding. Then he pops out, spins around and hides again!

Toby got himself 2 rats. He had been asking for stick insects for ages and then all of a sudden decided it was rats he wanted, so we agreed if he looks after their every need he can have 2. I am not bothered by rats and think they are pretty cute, although I wouldn't want a bite from one of them!

What's to come in September

We have some days out already planned although we will be easing back into home ed life and getting used to our new norm, with Adam and Toby at college. I am just excited to be having those cosy nights with cheesy Hallmark movies, spooky movies, candles and pumpkin spice everything!

Dates for the diary

4th National Wildlife Day

5th International Day of Charity

5th Most of the schools are back

6th International Read a book day

12th National Video Games Day

13th Roald Dahl Day

19th Talk like a pirate day

23rd Autumn Equinox

Movies/ Tv on my radar for September

Disney+ have announced Hocus Pocus 2 will be released 30th September!!!!

Also on Disney+ Pinocchio (live action), Thor Love & Thunder both released 8th September.

Netflix have Cobra Kai season 5 released 9th September

Masked Dancer returns this Saturday (3rd)

The Great British Bake Off 13th September.

The Night Sky

Full Moon this month is the Harvest Moon and will be 10th September

Constellation for this month is Cygnus

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