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Self care tips & ways to relax for families and yourself. Steps to take during Lockdown (and after)

We all have days when we need to take a step back and recharge, self care is so important because if you can’t take care of yourself how will you take care of those who depend on you?

Our boys have grown up knowing when I am taking a day off from the world and there are things we do together to ensure our minds stay healthy. Now that we are dealing with the issues Covid 19 has brought, mental health is even more important now that our daily routines have taken a dramatic turn.

Here are some of things you can to do together indoors.

  1. Watch a movie we love. This includes snuggling, lots of popcorn and snacks and just enjoying being with each other. Make its so that you have a cinema night at your home. dim the lights, choose a movie and just relax and switch of from the world.

  2. Talking about our feelings. This one is a strange one for me because I don’t actually like talking about my own feelings, however I do know that I feel better once I let my loved ones know how I am feeling. We have talked to the boys to let them know if they need to vent then we will listen to how they are feeling. This is so important right now.

  3. Arts & Crafts. We actually have a pretty large arts and crafts collection so getting out some paint and painting family portraits or just painting is fun! Lots of fun for kids and you get some new pictures to pop up on your wall too.

  4. Walking. For me a great way to gather my thoughts and relax is to go for a walk, usually in the woodland. Right now it is a walk around the block with the dogs because this is all we allowed. Or I just go outside in the garden for a bit of fresh air it all helps.

  5. Playing outside games. Yes we are lucky in that we have some awesome outside space therefore we take advantage of it and get outside when ever we need too. Just throwing the ball to each other is a great way to get out any built up frustration. See who can catch the most, get the chalks out and drawn on the walls and path. As long as you are getting some fresh air you will feel so much better.

  6. Bike Rides. obviously not something we can do for long periods of time but Craig has been getting Adam and Toby out on the bikes for a quick ride round the park every other day and it really helps with there moods.

  7. Leave positive notes for each other. This may sound silly but Elliot loves it. Everytime I see him reading one his face lights up. Your words really do matter! This could set the mood for the rest of the day especially if you have teens who tend to be in a strop all day. Give it a try and see how it goes.

  8. Read together. We are book lovers and love nothing more than snuggling up to read a story together. It really makes you realise the kiddos are not little for long. You can also read a huge amount of free kindles books from Amazon.

  9. Board Games! If you have kids you should get lots of board games. Yes the boys have video games and tablets/laptops but sometimes a good old game of Monopoly or Buckaroo is what they are looking for. Tons of fun!

  10. Routine. Maybe a routine would work best for you? We have a tourettes kid who prefers routine, however in this routine due to lockdown we decided not to homeschool constantly. Instead we do reading and workout everyday. Some days we do Maths and English other days we learn about The Vikings. Other days we watch educational shows. Whatever works best for you, you know your child.

  11. Cook together. Baking and cooking is something we do quite a lot and it is definitely a great way to relax and just have some fun.

For yourself

  1. Go for a walk (stick to the government guidelines). I find it very relaxing and I can gather my thoughts. Right now a quick blast around the block or garden.

  2. Write. One of the things I do the most is write my thoughts and feelings down in a really good notebook. Even if I don’t show anyone it is so much better having them out on paper.

  3. Treat yourself. Take a bath, read, facemask and relax.

  4. Take a really nice bath. Need I say more? Light some candles and just float for a while.

  5. Meditate. I used to meditate a lot when I was younger but for some reason stopped, I started doing it again recently and I forgot just how calming it is.

  6. Lists. I am a list weirdo, I love to write lists of anything. It is relaxing and makes me focus!

  7. Cloud watching. Have you ever just lay down on the grass and watched the clouds? See what shapes you can find. One of the most relaxing things I have done.

  8. Cuddle the dog, It has been scientifically proven that stroking your dog reduces stress. Give it a go. The ultimate stress relief in my eyes.

  9. Herbal Tea. I am addicted to herbal tea and have a whole cupboard full of different flavours. It is extremely good for you and keeps me feeling great.

There you have just some great ways you can help de stress and just look after yourself when you need to. It is important to look after your mental health and if you need help please just ask.



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