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*Review* The Deep Aquarium Hull

Updated: Feb 19, 2020

*We were kindly gifted a family ticket in return for an honest review. All views opinions and photos are my own*

We have never been to The Deep in Hull before, so when we were asked to pay them a visit in return for a review, we jumped at the chance. One of my profession choices growing up was to become a Marine Biologist, I just love the ocean and its inhabitants and have always found them so interesting.

The Deep is home to over 5,000 animals, with lots of interactive games for the little ones. It also has a Tunnel and a Glass elevator which stops for a few seconds immersing you in the 10 meter deep ocean exhibit.


It is quite difficult to find the car park for The Deep and we ended up in 3 different places before we actually reached there carpark so make sure you actually follow the satnav…..

It was £3 for 6 hours parking which I thought was reasonable.Especially if you had other things to do in the centre.

We were greeted by some friendly staff members at the reception desk, who helpfully directed us in the right direction. We were handed a really great guide book, full of facts.

I feel like the space around reception and on the way to the actual entrance of the aquarium is a bit of wasted space. Although I can only imagine how busy it must get which is why I presume it is kept like that.

We went when the schools in England were still in School, and it was still packed in like sardines. Unfortunately we couldn’t get to some of the displays due to the amount of schools that were in at that time. Or it was a really big class.

On entry there is loads of interactive things for you to get involved in and learn about the past with some rather interesting fossils to look at too. I found the Dunkleosteus really interesting to learn about. We really liked the idea of the evolution part and thought that was a great idea to have, the boys really enjoyed this.

The aquarium itself houses a huge array of sea creatures from Blue-spotted Ribbontail Rays, Clown Fish , Saw Fish, Loggerhead Sea Turtles, lots of different Jellyfish, Anemones and a huge array of Corral. The aquarium is also home to a group of Gentoo Penguins, and Elliot’s favourite Frogs & Toads! Our favourite bit was the ice wall! It was so warm and stuffy,so the freezing cold wall came as a surprise and a nice one.

The tunnel is 10 meters beneath the surface and houses the magnificent Zebra Sharks and our personal favourite the Potato Grouper. He was most definitely the Godfather of all fish. What a beast, with its 6 rows of backward facing teeth. Quite a few fintastic fishies to spot in there.

Plenty to see and do whilst you are there and you can Re-enter if you want too. We didn’t go back in due to how busy it was and I hurt my foot so we just went round the once. If you time it right you can watch the Penguins being fed or you can catch a daily dive show.

It was great to see the plastics display too, as this is something I have spent a few years campaigning on. It is great that The Deep is raising awareness about this disaster.

Handy Tips

*Castaways Cafe and midway cafe for coffees, and food, although we didn’t use either as it was too early for us to eat. Find out More HERE

*Toilets are easy to get too, with disabled and changing room facilities.

*The DEEPartment store has some great gifts available and all reasonably priced too.

*Your ticket is valid for a full year.

The Deep has some fintastic creatures to gaze upon and the glass elevator is definitely different. We do plan on visiting again in the future but maybe when it is not a busy month.


Adult – £14 Child (3 – 15) – £11 Senior/student – £13 ENTRY IS FOR A 12 MONTHS. You can also save 10% if you book online. Find out More HERE



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