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*Review* Deep Sea World North Queensferry

We were thrilled when we were invited to visit Deep Sea World, I have always felt a connection to water and find marine life fascinating. I just knew that the boys would love to see the wonderful array of aquatic life here.


We arrived at the more than ample car park, with lots of signs and a few photo opportunities for the kiddies. Once we arrived at the reception desk which is right in front of you when you enter, we were greeted by two members of staff who were very helpful and friendly.

I instantly liked how bright and colourful it was which I think keeps kids interested longer.

At the start there are lots of smaller tanks to explore, I was drawn to the tank with the starfish who were clinging to the side of the tank. Elliot loved it because he could get up close to them and have a good look. There is also an open top tank with some fish, crabs and some pretty plants.

Plenty of displays with great in depth descriptions which is always a plus because the boys love to learn and having displays means you can take your time to get around.

Elliot was thrilled to see all of the Amphibians, being a frog and toad mad 7 year old this was his best section! On this floor they also housed a snapping turtle which then led into an in depth conversation about them ( I told you the boys love to learn!)

They also had some large Red Bellied Piranhas, I just love these fish! Dangerous, but they just look so cute! Usually found in South America, we got the chance to have a really good look as one of them just sat there looking at us, probably planning to strip us of our flesh.

We the went outside to see the Seals being fed which was great, they were doing a few tricks whist another member of staff told everyone some great facts about them.

After the seals we found ourselves wandering down what seemed a never ending corridor, but what was at the end was totally worth it.

We were met by the largest temperate marine exhibit in the UK, holding a staggering 1 million gallons of water, the Tunnel is 112 metres long. You can either just walk through it or you can use the longest conveyor belt in Europe to go around slowly ( you can get off anytime) We actually went round 5 times and spotted different creatures every time, including the most amazing Sand Sharks which looked huge! They swam right over our heads giving us a close up look of their teeth ( YUCK ) Lots of other wonderful fish to spot too.

Sections in the aquarium included


Lake Malawi


Rocky Shores



Underwater Safari

  1. What can you see?

  2. I am sure if we went back we would end up spotting something different again. You have the chance to see

  3. Sand Tiger Sharks Eagle Ray Sea BassThornback Ray Common Stingray Angel Shark Archer Fish Clown Fish Figure 8 Puffer Fish Big Bellied Seahorse Starfish Red Tail CatfishRed Bellied PiranhasSnapping Turtle Royal PythonVarious toads & Newts Octopus ( We didn't see it )

  4. Did You Know?

  5. They use 6.5cm acrylic panels to withhold the weight of the water, this is the same stuff they use in NASA for space shuttles! AMAZING! The curve in the glass makes everything look 30% smaller than it actually is.... How freaking big are those sharks! Shark dives are available for those who dare to try it. Creature Encounters available throughout the day. Lots of Talks and Feeds daily with different creatures All Access pass giving you a behind the scenes view. Unfortunately we were not told about this and only spotted this on the way out.Deep Sea World is Scotland's National Aquarium

  6. Helpful Info:

  7. Located just under the Northern end of the Forth Bridge Close to EdinburghPlenty of clean toilets including a baby changing unit and disabled toiletsGift shop has a good selection and the prices are ok.Cafe is on site although you can't take your own food into eat, Pizza for two was £15 with kids meals from £5 Tickets cost £15.55 for standard ( 13+ ) , Junior (age 3-12 years, under 3s go free)£11.00, Concession (OAPs, students* )£13.50 Save 20% when you book online!

  8. To find out more please visit Deep Sea World

Handy tip

If you live local an Annual pass costs just : Adult (13+)£41.99, Junior (age 3-12 years, under 3s go free)£29.70, Concession (OAPs, students)£36.45, Family (2 adults + 2 juniors)£143.37. THIS IS JUST THE COST OF THREE VISITS SO IT IS WORTH THINKING ABOUT IF YOU VISIT MORE THAN THREE TIMES A YEAR.

All in all we loved it, lots to see, read and do and we spent a good 4 hours in here ( We tend to read all of the displays ) Really good day out and only an hour away from home for us! Definitely be back.

We gave it 4 stars, if we had been notified of the All Access Pass as we entered then it would have been 5.